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wild night
Views: 551 · Added: 903 days ago

what wild things have u done in bed

Were you embarrassed?
Views: 551 · Added: 1132 days ago

The first time u jerked off with another guy, was it just watching each other or mutual touching?
If touching, did you "finish" each other off?
Were you embarrassed after you came?
If so, how did you work through the embarrassment?

Uploads and Free Live Chat Working :)
Views: 550 · Added: 735927 days ago

The past few days the upload feature has had a small problem as well as the live chat do to the new upgraded servers responsible for it.

I just wanted to let everyone know they now are working perfectly and their should not be any future problmes for years I hope, so I hope you will give us another shot if you had problems in the past few days.

Thax and I really appreciate all of your support

my sunday bored sex quiz
Views: 550 · Added: 16 days ago

have you ever had sex with...

virgin no more (copied to this so I can get comments)
Views: 550 · Added: 953 days ago

Okay. It happened. Went to dave's saturday nite KNOWING something was going to happen but didn't know if I had the guts to go thru with it. We watched tv with his mom and sister and then we went to his room and played some video games (man he likes And while we were playing he started running his hand up my leg and rubbing my dick. I just looked at him and put my controler down and said you win. He took off his clothes and I took off mine and when we were naked he asked me if I really wanted to try the butt thing. I told him I did but was nervous and he just told me to trust him. He told me to just get on my hands and knees, and I did and he started rubbing my back and butt and all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet on my butthole. I could NOT believe he was licking it but it started feeling really good so I just went with it. He stopped after awhile and started pushing his finger in me. I like that a lot. He would just rub my prostrate and when I reached back to jerk my dick he grabbed my hand and told me not to do anything. He was pretty much driving me crazy just fingering me and then he put in two fingers and started pumping them in and out of me. Yep, like that too. Then he went with THREE fingers and That felt like he was really pushing it but after a little while it was feeling pretty good too and then he pulled them out and told me to lay on my back. I did and he raised my legs up and told me to hold them behind my knees. I did that and he just started leaning toward me and I felt the head of his dick against my butthole. He told me to relax and I tried (I really did) and he started pushing. I didnt think he would actually get it in me but all of a sudden, like POP, he was in! OH. MY. GOD! It hurt, bad and he must have known because he puled right back out and told me to relax and rubbed my hole with his finger. It stopped hurting and he asked if I wasnted to try it again. I told him I didnt know if I wanted to or not but he said just once more. I told him ok and i got back into the position and he started again. This time when he went in it didn't hurt. Was kind of uncomfortable but didn't 'hurt'. He pushed in a bit and stopped, in a bit and stopped until his stomach was touching my balls. He asked me how I was doing...I said fine and he pulled back and went back in. Every time he went in his dick would hit my prostrate and I would get that great feeling but this time I was holding my knees so couldnt jerk. He was going in and out pretty good and when he started breathing fast he reached down and started jerking me. Couple of strokes and I went off. The feeling I was having was something I could NEVER describe. I could feel him hitting my prostrate while I came and I could feel my butthole clamping around his dick with every squirt. Usually when I cum its like mmmmm...done but this was different I actually came four times (Yes, I counted) while he was doing it to me. He was telling me he was going to come after my third and I felt him swell up in my butt and felt him come in me and that gave me my fourth. He leand down to me and we kissed while he was still in me and kinda rubbed my stuff around my stomach and chest. we got done kissing and he pulled out of me and I missed having him inside me. I did feel like I had to go to the bathroom and he laughed and said that was normal. He asked if I wanted to do it to him and i told him yes (Yes I was still hard, go figure) so he got in the position I was in and I did the stuff he did to me (Yes I licked his butthole, it was kinda cool) and when I put my dick against his butthole and pushed it went in with no problem (Yes my dick is smaller than his) and that feeling was something nobody could explain. Like a mouth but with tongues all around the inside. I have NO idea how the guys in these vids can do it for sooooo ling before they come. Didn't take me long at all. I squirted in Dave and pulled out and just went lower and sucked him until he came in my mouth again. I really must admit. I have the most fun when I'm with I KNOW we'll do it again and hopefully we'll come up with some more games to Hope you all had a great weekend too. :) Travis

Taking Showers
Views: 550 · Added: 684 days ago

Did anyone ever take showers with a brother,either younger or older than you when you were younger and still living at home. Or even a cousin . Were parents home when it happened etc? I used to take morning showers with my older brother who was 3 years older than me from when I was 11 till when he moved out of home at 18. Because we lived in such a small apartment yes our Mum knew we shared the shower.

Views: 550 · Added: 474 days ago

God i hate them so f'n bad. Take all the worst characteristics of women and concentrate them times 100.

Views: 549 · Added: 747 days ago

So im looking for some older guys may 30-45 who wanna talk to a young guy like me. send some requests!

Goodbye, 18th
Views: 549 · Added: 435 days ago

Goodbye everyone on here, I'm sorry to leave but this sight has brought some horrible people into my life. Although there are many of you which I cherish so much I can't stay. two main people to why I'm leaving are cooper and Stefan. They have been vile to me for the past few days and they are unforgivable so I'm sorry to all my true friends. I will miss you but by the 18th I will be gone. I hate the nastiness that this sight brings and I hope you all never have to go through what I have had to. Those selfish inconsiderate boys make me want to end my life. They've hurt me in a way no one else could especially Stefan. So goodbye, I will live my life free from those hates

Search the name
Views: 548 · Added: 400 days ago

Hi all,
is there anyone can tell me
from wich movie the Szene " Homeworks" be. ?

Sorry for my bad english and hope that evryone knows me. :-)

Views: 548 · Added: 1170 days ago

ok this is the only place i can share this last week i was at beach with my family and 2 other familys and one guy was my age and we slept in the same room all week
we dressed and showered up stairs and i got to see him naked alot then i notice he kinda left bathroom door open i think so i could see in but i watched him jack it was pretty nice later in the week he kept hinting around and i finally got the guts and we jacked on our beds we did that for like the last 3 days there i wanted to try more but was to chicken now i wish i had anywasy wanted to shere that

looking for cam guys for a group cam session
Views: 547 · Added: 493 days ago

hey guys im looking to set up a group cam session , regular basis just to jerk off together . if interested pm me:)

Uploading Videos
Views: 547 · Added: 735927 days ago

Hi, i have been trying to upload videos but they never get posted, have tried after the blog that said its now working but still no joy. can anyone please shed some light on this for me. thanks

Views: 547 · Added: 1392 days ago

any young boys vids

Fancy A Wank
Views: 546 · Added: 1410 days ago

Hey anybody who fancys having a bit of fun over webcam just add my msn and we can talk and have fun :D

its : xx

to the operator
Views: 546 · Added: 1318 days ago

dear nick, 1. why can´t i look and upload vids older than 300 days ago ?? 2. when i want to look the top rated users the answer since 2 month is : incorrect key file for table '/tmp / # sql_cc4__O.MYT´- try to repair it. can anybody help ??

cumming up short
Views: 546 · Added: 735927 days ago

does anyone know why so many videos are running @ high speed and much shorter length than what you click on? ...thom...

Quick Question
Views: 545 · Added: 805 days ago

Well to let everyone know that I am still in the closet but my question deals with that a bit. I been living a lie with my true friends and my family for so long now and never yet told anyone who really I am. My major problem is my best friend who is homophobic and is scared to lose him if I do come out. However can homophobic people be living a lie too. The reason is that I sometimes think my best friend is really gay too but just doesn't want to admit it. I think this may be the case because some of the things he does to me when we are along are things that I think a homophobic person never do. Most of the things he does to me is that he loves hugs and cuddles but besides that he also fondles my balls and rubs my nipples and is constantly rubbing me and touching me. I don't mind that he does that to me since I still single and that it feels good to. I also return the favour and do it back to him and doesn't say anything about it. I for one think that he might be gay but there are times that I have popped the question to him and admitting that I am gay but then he reacts that I am leaving and don't want to be friends anymore. I then tell him that I am joking and then he stays and everything goes back to normal.

The question I want to ask does do homophobic person touch other guys in gay ways like fondling there balls. I think he might be gay but who knows. I want to hear what you people think.

First of all I want to ask = HOW MANY USER ACTUALLY HERE & existingparallel profiles

Is that true = many hundredthousands of visitors for `GBT´ and this PER DAY ?!

Is `GBT´ also owner of `BROKE-STRAiGHT-Boys(I like because it seems to be authentic)

Is it possible creating >>> function `GROUPS´<<
And by the way if this question isnot to personal: it´s a `fulltimejoB´or freetime

At last: some here uploading endless without proBs...other what ? the secret


P.S.:really thanking for existing `GBT´ - but it´s much Better speaking together and not so often about other & others...moreCOMMUNiTY is may be being much more open myself...where (real) friends should alowe also clear words

any gay boys out there to chat with
Views: 545 · Added: 1392 days ago

love to hear from cute gay boys

Hottest Video
Views: 545 · Added: 1174 days ago

So what is the hottest video on GBT?

Am I a sick boy?
Views: 544 · Added: 1026 days ago

Well, I went to a family New Year's gathering and I realized that my cousin is extremely sexy. Is it weird that I find him strangely attractive?

SoCal Men Who Luv Hispanic Boys
Views: 544 · Added: 1119 days ago

Anyone else in southern California who gets hard when he sees a hot Hispanic teen? Chat/cam/meet 4 some sucking?

Webcam photos
Views: 543 · Added: 1160 days ago

I love the movies on here, but I find saving the photos slow sometimes. Does anyone know where I can find good twink webcam photos, whether it's pay or forum or whatever? They have to be originating somewhere, thanks.

looking 4 younger
Views: 543 · Added: 1204 days ago

so wondering if there are any younger guys out there from nc that are into older. or wondering were are sites were i can watch younger vids :)

Cum inside or outside
Views: 543 · Added: 937 days ago

When having intercourse do you climax inside your partner or pull out to cum like in the vids?

what is sexy to you?
Views: 543 · Added: 771 days ago

So I have this theory about what different people think is sexy, here it is. Top guys are more interested in how a guy looks than bottom guys are. Top guys care about if a guy is a certain body type or age or smooth or whatever. Bottom guys don't care as much about looks, they care more about how a guy acts, like if he is confident or dominant or whatever.
Yea i know thats a total over generalization, but just from what guys here have said and what Ive seen on this site i think maybe its true. Does anybody agree or disagree, im just wondering?

What's your favorite pie?
Views: 543 · Added: 527 days ago

Just a bit of the casual and ordinary. I was making some apple pie the other day and wondered what every ones favorite pie is? Please, no answers starting with cream.... oooooops, gave it away, ha, ha!

you know for a gay support forum alot
Views: 543 · Added: 713 days ago

Of you guys are dicks. I'm kinda done with this site now. I did enjoy talking to some of the nice people on here :) my mate James the one IV been seeing thinks its best we don't see each other until at least we finish school so IV been awfully depressed :p but hey! IV been told to stop talking about it here and find somewhere else.... so cya xxx

I like looking at boners
Views: 542 · Added: 676 days ago

I admit it.

watching "hot 18 yo teen body" video
Views: 542 · Added: 894 days ago

When you watch the vid uploaded by luvnit69 today, do you identify with the teenboy or the masked man?

i think most here agree
Views: 542 · Added: 920 days ago

1000s of videos to watch we can lose one and that is of vladimir (vladik) shibanov who was use all his years as boy and then more when turn 18 and a video on here made in same car he died instant death from terrible crash. please support ~dignity for vlad~ on my profile page

doll pics
Views: 541 · Added: 1321 days ago

hi, does anybody know where i find these pictures of this one boy fucking a sex doll?

almost two days!!!
Views: 541 · Added: 974 days ago

.....Hey Nick what happened?? I sure missed GBT ....glad iys back .....cheers

How much time before sex?
Views: 540 · Added: 754 days ago

So I met this guy and we´ve dated a couple of times. Last time i gave him an oral but I´m not sure if we should have sex yet. How long should I wait before that?


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