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to the operator
Views: 537 · Added: 1260 days ago

dear nick, 1. why can´t i look and upload vids older than 300 days ago ?? 2. when i want to look the top rated users the answer since 2 month is : incorrect key file for table '/tmp / # sql_cc4__O.MYT´- try to repair it. can anybody help ??

any gay boys out there to chat with
Views: 537 · Added: 1334 days ago

love to hear from cute gay boys

I like looking at boners
Views: 537 · Added: 618 days ago

I admit it.

The video "Cum Quickie 15"
Views: 537 · Added: 888 days ago

I've listed this video as one of my all time favorites because okay technically this is one of the hottest cum scenes and one of the biggest loads I’ve seen in a long time.
However, I call shenanigans simply because he didn’t swallow any of it!
In fact it looked to me like he even threw most of it up. What the hell was that?
Weren’t there any rehearsals?
Wasn’t this twink warned at casting calls that he was going to get cum in his mouth?
Who directed this video Steven Spielberg? The same guy who brought us Super 8? You know the one with M60-A1 battle tanks shooting off willy-nilly out of control, when everyone knows someone like, oh let’s say a loader, actually has to physically heft a 48 pound round sliding it in the chamber careful not to let the breech close slicing his hand clean off and then he has to yell the word “UP!” before the gunner can even think about pulling the trigger. For Pete’s sake the tanks can’t reload themselves!
And here this supposed “gay boy” is spitting all that precious and delicious cum out of his mouth. I mean who does that? Women maybe, but gay men? Never I say!
Sure, I’ve had a few accidental leeks ooze out the sides of my mouth before, but I’ve never intentionally spit any out. That, my friends is a waste of good cum. Other than that it was a great video.

i think most here agree
Views: 537 · Added: 861 days ago

1000s of videos to watch we can lose one and that is of vladimir (vladik) shibanov who was use all his years as boy and then more when turn 18 and a video on here made in same car he died instant death from terrible crash. please support ~dignity for vlad~ on my profile page

looking 4 younger
Views: 536 · Added: 1146 days ago

so wondering if there are any younger guys out there from nc that are into older. or wondering were are sites were i can watch younger vids :)

just starting
Views: 536 · Added: 963 days ago

thinking about uploading pics but kinda scared to. if i dont show my face is it ok. i dont even come close to being as big as all the guys i see here, but i do got some hair. dont want friends and classmates to make fun of me

umm what prefer....
Views: 536 · Added: 234 days ago

Big and hairy, or small and shaved?

Fancy A Wank
Views: 536 · Added: 1352 days ago

Hey anybody who fancys having a bit of fun over webcam just add my msn and we can talk and have fun :D

its : xx

looking for cam guys for a group cam session
Views: 536 · Added: 435 days ago

hey guys im looking to set up a group cam session , regular basis just to jerk off together . if interested pm me:)

i love puberty
Views: 536 · Added: 890 days ago

if you want to see my undies pm me your email!

Webcam photos
Views: 535 · Added: 1102 days ago

I love the movies on here, but I find saving the photos slow sometimes. Does anyone know where I can find good twink webcam photos, whether it's pay or forum or whatever? They have to be originating somewhere, thanks.

Hottest Video
Views: 535 · Added: 1115 days ago

So what is the hottest video on GBT?

SoCal Men Who Luv Hispanic Boys
Views: 535 · Added: 1061 days ago

Anyone else in southern California who gets hard when he sees a hot Hispanic teen? Chat/cam/meet 4 some sucking?

almost two days!!!
Views: 535 · Added: 916 days ago

.....Hey Nick what happened?? I sure missed GBT ....glad iys back .....cheers

How much time before sex?
Views: 534 · Added: 696 days ago

So I met this guy and we´ve dated a couple of times. Last time i gave him an oral but I´m not sure if we should have sex yet. How long should I wait before that?

lookin for kool guys to chat with
Views: 534 · Added: 735869 days ago

i'm river_831 on yahoo instant messenger. i have more pics and vids for trade.

Older Younger
Views: 534 · Added: 952 days ago

Seems like all the vid's here have the older guy as the top. I'm older but like to be topped by young guys anyone have any of those kind of videos ?

The First Time You Had Sex
Views: 533 · Added: 129 days ago

Sex can be a magical moment in our lives.

For some, it may just be the need for that physical contact with another human being. You're horny and you want to get off. Masturbating doesn't feel all that appealing, so you seek out another person to share the experience with. Maybe it is someone you just met; maybe it is someone you have known for a long time. All that matters is being touched by hands other than your own. The feeling of having various parts of your body rubbed and massaged: your back, your chest, your legs...your raging boner (or as I like to call it, the "danger zone"). All you care about is feeling good...

For others, it may go beyond just the need for physical contact. It may be the need for an emotional connection... The need to fulfill that incredible desire to fall in love with someone. You don't want to just go out and have sex with every gay boy you meet; you want to find that special someone and spend the rest of your life with him. You want someone that you can lay down with in bed at night as you give him that special smile that you never give to anyone else. You want someone that you can make love to just for the sole purpose of expressing your undying love for him...

To put it simply: some people want to have sex just for the sole purpose of having sex while others prefer to make love to someone that they are deeply in love with.

Now, I want you to think back to the very first time you had sex.

Were you simply fulfilling the need for sex, or were you expressing your love for someone?

Was it someone you just met, or was it someone that you had known for a long time?

How old were you when it happened?

Where did it happen at? In a bedroom at home? The back seat of a car? In a boat, out on the lake, on a warm summer day? In a restroom at the mall? In front of a fireplace inside a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background?

How did you feel afterwards? Afraid? Sad? Embarrassed? Remorseful? Angry? Suicidal?

How did your partner feel afterwards? Did he spend the rest of the day/night with you or did he just get up and walk out?

Was your very first time an overall pleasant experience, or do you wish that you had waited? Was it a moment in your life that you would like to experience all over again?

Uploading Videos
Views: 533 · Added: 735869 days ago

Hi, i have been trying to upload videos but they never get posted, have tried after the blog that said its now working but still no joy. can anyone please shed some light on this for me. thanks

you know for a gay support forum alot
Views: 533 · Added: 655 days ago

Of you guys are dicks. I'm kinda done with this site now. I did enjoy talking to some of the nice people on here :) my mate James the one IV been seeing thinks its best we don't see each other until at least we finish school so IV been awfully depressed :p but hey! IV been told to stop talking about it here and find somewhere else.... so cya xxx

watching "hot 18 yo teen body" video
Views: 533 · Added: 836 days ago

When you watch the vid uploaded by luvnit69 today, do you identify with the teenboy or the masked man?

Video Question
Views: 533 · Added: 1061 days ago

So..when I watch some of these vids, all you see is from the waist down or the neck down. I cant seem to get into watching them. A crotch and legs alone don't get me off. Personally I need a face shot so I know what and who I'm watching. The cuter the better. Anyone else agree?

Can I find this video at GBT (Marat, gayteenstudio) in 3gp ?

Uploads and Free Live Chat Working :)
Views: 531 · Added: 735869 days ago

The past few days the upload feature has had a small problem as well as the live chat do to the new upgraded servers responsible for it.

I just wanted to let everyone know they now are working perfectly and their should not be any future problmes for years I hope, so I hope you will give us another shot if you had problems in the past few days.

Thax and I really appreciate all of your support

what is sexy to you?
Views: 531 · Added: 713 days ago

So I have this theory about what different people think is sexy, here it is. Top guys are more interested in how a guy looks than bottom guys are. Top guys care about if a guy is a certain body type or age or smooth or whatever. Bottom guys don't care as much about looks, they care more about how a guy acts, like if he is confident or dominant or whatever.
Yea i know thats a total over generalization, but just from what guys here have said and what Ive seen on this site i think maybe its true. Does anybody agree or disagree, im just wondering?

doll pics
Views: 531 · Added: 1263 days ago

hi, does anybody know where i find these pictures of this one boy fucking a sex doll?

What's your favorite pie?
Views: 531 · Added: 468 days ago

Just a bit of the casual and ordinary. I was making some apple pie the other day and wondered what every ones favorite pie is? Please, no answers starting with cream.... oooooops, gave it away, ha, ha!

Views: 530 · Added: 1016 days ago

the love of my life left me and won't talk to me ever again, so i feel pretty down....:( is there really anything happy past this?

older guy
Views: 530 · Added: 1048 days ago

hi all older guy here likes yng fun vids pics chat? msg me

GBT is more then just a porn site.
Views: 530 · Added: 87 days ago

What makes GBT different from other sites is that it is a gay porn/social site.

fighting words...
Views: 529 · Added: 896 days ago

one thing that i am most proud of is that i truely do not have any fighting words. Nothing that you can say would make me get violent with you. i may hate you and never talk to you but that is it. hows about you?

open or closed
Views: 529 · Added: 1074 days ago

here the question r u open.........who and how many people know

vid downloading blocked?
Views: 529 · Added: 921 days ago

the past couple of days, i aint been able to DL vidz from GBT; i can still DL from any other sites, so im wondering if there a block on GBT now or is it just moi? thx, signed, Nobody Tells Me Nuttin:}..♥..♥..♥..♥..♥..♥.

Views: 529 · Added: 633 days ago

Joined 1000 days ago, just saying.


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