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Disappearing Blogs
Views: 567 · Added: 1210 days ago

Why is it that all the blogs complaining about cp get deleted i myself have had 2 deleted and several other members have had theirs deleted, and yet the blogs talking about young boys are left alone?

One does wonder about those kind of things.

has anyone stuffed something up their ass?
Views: 567 · Added: 578 days ago

I wonder if you guys have such an experience, and you might wanna share it

boi pussy
Views: 567 · Added: 1108 days ago

If you are into boi pussy, what kind do you prefer - smooth and pink or hairy and dark or some other kind?

Views: 566 · Added: 492 days ago

hi do any younger guys like older guys

Views: 566 · Added: 5 days ago

I am a gay

jacking off
Views: 566 · Added: 17 days ago

when was the first time you had such a boner in school you had to go jack off in school and what age

Hows your Reationship Going.
Views: 566 · Added: 772 days ago

Hows your Relationship going with your boyfriend.
Is it a relationship that will last a long time
or do you think that it wont last too long.

Why do pics say remove?
Views: 566 · Added: 1393 days ago

Just went to some of my pics, and some other profiles....
Alot of the pics and videos say "REMOVE"

What;s up with that??

SKYPE ME C2C FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Views: 565 · Added: 1201 days ago

im a 18 year old white slim twink im looking to skype if ur white an the age of 18 and younger hit me up
add if u meet these qualifications (zig9369)
please include your AGE AN

just for the hell of it not like it maters to me but add ur cock size

157boyfun is back
Views: 565 · Added: 1100 days ago

157boyfun is back with a new account called Blowkid00 and saying a scam lie so please nick can you block him for good because he is posting the scam lie on every blog

I have an idea for a new category
Views: 565 · Added: 1015 days ago

Sometimes I like vids and sometimes I like pics, but how about short stories? I enjoy a good erotic short story and I enjoy the short films that really have no sex in them, but the stories are wonderful.
Of course the stories submitted should be legal and some people might like to tell stories of their own personal experiences.
I know there are some talented members here and I think I'd like to see this site grow while staying a tight group of friends.
Does anyone feel the same way?

Video Uploads Suspended for 48 Hours
Views: 564 · Added: 736025 days ago

I am very sorry to have to inform you guys that the video uploads will be suspended for 48hours.

This should be fixed by Sunday night, and All videos submitted will be listed after that so please do not think we are removing your submissions in anyway.

Their are some script compatibility issues, as well as a rapidly growing site to blame But I will work night and day until this is fixed and have hired a development team to address this and a few other smaller issues.


skype near swindon
Views: 564 · Added: 1227 days ago

hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location

Fancy A Wank
Views: 564 · Added: 1508 days ago

Hey anybody who fancys having a bit of fun over webcam just add my msn and we can talk and have fun :D

its : xx

New self pics blog!
Views: 564 · Added: 1054 days ago

Everybody, I have created a new blog, and it's full of twinks photos, so I hope You will like it. I wonder if you coul cooperate with me, sending your own pics!
The blog is

Am I bisexual?!
Views: 563 · Added: 1248 days ago

I am in a squat in inner city London. It’s mostly filled with hot Eastern European men. All with different facial structures, but mostly strong jaws. One Polish guy has the nicest male body I have ever seen. I’m twitching in my pants just thinking about it.

Anyway, being here has given me time to reflect on my sexuality. I’m not happy with my sexual life. I have a very specific type. Hot. Twink. I have been told I am a sexy mofo many times, but never believed it. I love the idea of two young men at their physical peak, horny as hell from the mere sight of each other. Rock-hard dicks skull-fucking mouths. A horny bottom pre-cumming all over his torso whilst getting fucked in missionary position by a toned top. Love iiit.

But it’s all fantasy. I see a hot guy I would do, but then as soon as I get to know him I don’t want to fuck him. I feel like I’m forcing myself to embark on gay activities. It’s as though I’d rather just stare and admire his body (or… wank over the beauty of his face and torso).

As I get older, I see less of a future with men because I am not interested in older men (as in over 25). And I am only interested in the physical appearance of a young man. It’s a fantasy that I have been, and will, at least for now, continue to pursue. I want to get my fair share of boys before I’m too old. I’m 22. But after that, if the moment comes, what will I do? Will I attempt to go for women? I feel like I have been trying to fill a gap in my past where I got a taste of women, but not enough, and due to anxiety with and a stronger sexual attraction for men, I may as well go for men.

Then it turns out men are just as complicated and fucked up as women. I never see a long-term future with guys I’ve been with. So, if I have to go for one, it may as well be women. I feel like I will get more out of a long-term relationship with a woman. I want so much out of life, and men don’t seem to be in the long-term equation.

Now, I have spent the last four years of my life travelling, learning and having fun. I don’t care about what society thinks. I’m not afraid of being gay, but something is still missing. Is it women? Am I delusional? Does anyone else experience this?

my mate dean + frend
Views: 563 · Added: 1342 days ago

I started swimming when I was 13 and loved it as it was a great way for me to be around a lot of guys in speedos. I first developed a love of speedos when I first started hanging out at the pool.
I wanted to try everything life had to offer in my 13th year I tried a lot of things, Smoking, drinking I don't think I knew I was gay by that time but I knew I liked boys. When I was out and about I would always look at boys. I decided to go to the local pool, After about an hour of swimming I decided to leave I went to the change rooms When I turned around to go to the showers a guy in green speedos was standing behind me. "Hi Mate, I'm Dean, I've never seen you around here before." I was glad to meet someone new and said "Hi, I'm Jamie, I just moved to town a few weeks ago." "Cool" he replied. I found myself looking at Dean's body. He was a little taller than me at about 5ft 7. He had shoulder length brown hair and a pleasant face, He was very well built for his age, his chest was very well defined with very perky nipples. He was the first teenager I have ever met with abs so I was very impressed with that. Down from there was his green speedo, They were very small with only just enough room to fit in the essentials. you could see that his cock was sitting over his
balls. His cock looked about 4 inches long but was still soft. He turned to put his leg on the bench to dry his leg and I got a look at his bum for the first time. He had a great bubble bum. His speedo was still wet and his green speedo was transparent at the back this meant that I was able to see each cheek by itself. I said "OK Dean,
I'll see you later" and got up and walked into the shower area. Dean
followed me and said, "OH ok mate, I'm going to have a shower too, I'll join you!" We walked into the shower area I was looking at his bulge He shifted his stance and moved to the middle of the door way and put his hands up on the top of the door Jam. As I said before his speedo was very small, when he lifted his arms like that, they got tighter, a lot tighter. I was able to make out the outline of his dick and could even see that he was cut. I could not take my eyes off it. “It's ok mate, I look at guys dicks too" he said "Speedos are nice to look at aren't they? ,It's OK Jamie, I have been looking at yours too, I like your blue speedos and am glad you like mine." We walked into the shower room, "Why don't we jump in the shower mate" Dean said. There wasn't a lot of room under the flow of water so we were touching most of the time when he lent forward and whispered into my ear "I'm getting hard and there isn't enough room in my
speedo for my dick when it's hard" I stood back a bit to have a look, he was right the head of his dick was poking out of the top of his speedo. I reached down and found his dick. I put my hand around his dick and pulled it up and down Dean reached into my speedo and took my dick out and kept rubbing it.
With Dean touching me, it only took a couple of minutes. When I came it was the biggest gush I had ever done. I looked at he was flogging his cock very fast, within a couple of seconds he closed his eyes very tight and squeezed his balls and exploded cum all over my speedos and leg.
That’s the end of our first time .
More 2 cummmmm..

Views: 563 · Added: 736025 days ago

im bord and have nothing elce to do so if anyone elce likes the word bitch and is hot or likes hot teens hit me up lol

Young Companion Needed
Views: 562 · Added: 1026 days ago

I am an older man who happens to have an extremely high intelligent quotient, (IQ). When others find this out they tend to run which leaves me very lonely. I hate being like this. I'm just a normal person who likes the things that you like . I'm looking for a guy who says he's 18 and wants to be friends. He must be very thin and if he wants to can ask me any question he wants too. I am easy going and laid back, love science fiction, horror, and any movie I can learn anything from. A person should learn something everyday, it's not hard to do.
I live very near Lake Michigan around Diversy Harbor. So, let me know, if your ever passing by

Views: 562 · Added: 1492 days ago

I search lads in my range of age to chat with. Just send me an message an I will give you my msn adress.

What is with the shit on this site?
Views: 562 · Added: 1334 days ago

Personally I've always used this website as my no.1 "go to" for porn.

However more and more it seems that the content and site users are focally those who are more into the "obscure" things if you will.

Focally those older/younger types.

Is it just me? Or is there anyone decent left in the world that likes straight up normal sex with people of a similar age they can relate to?

Anyhoo! If I see another video of an 18 year old being used and taken advantage of by someone 3 times his age, I think I may chunder over my keyboard. That is all.

virgin no more (copied to this so I can get comments)
Views: 562 · Added: 1051 days ago

Okay. It happened. Went to dave's saturday nite KNOWING something was going to happen but didn't know if I had the guts to go thru with it. We watched tv with his mom and sister and then we went to his room and played some video games (man he likes And while we were playing he started running his hand up my leg and rubbing my dick. I just looked at him and put my controler down and said you win. He took off his clothes and I took off mine and when we were naked he asked me if I really wanted to try the butt thing. I told him I did but was nervous and he just told me to trust him. He told me to just get on my hands and knees, and I did and he started rubbing my back and butt and all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet on my butthole. I could NOT believe he was licking it but it started feeling really good so I just went with it. He stopped after awhile and started pushing his finger in me. I like that a lot. He would just rub my prostrate and when I reached back to jerk my dick he grabbed my hand and told me not to do anything. He was pretty much driving me crazy just fingering me and then he put in two fingers and started pumping them in and out of me. Yep, like that too. Then he went with THREE fingers and That felt like he was really pushing it but after a little while it was feeling pretty good too and then he pulled them out and told me to lay on my back. I did and he raised my legs up and told me to hold them behind my knees. I did that and he just started leaning toward me and I felt the head of his dick against my butthole. He told me to relax and I tried (I really did) and he started pushing. I didnt think he would actually get it in me but all of a sudden, like POP, he was in! OH. MY. GOD! It hurt, bad and he must have known because he puled right back out and told me to relax and rubbed my hole with his finger. It stopped hurting and he asked if I wasnted to try it again. I told him I didnt know if I wanted to or not but he said just once more. I told him ok and i got back into the position and he started again. This time when he went in it didn't hurt. Was kind of uncomfortable but didn't 'hurt'. He pushed in a bit and stopped, in a bit and stopped until his stomach was touching my balls. He asked me how I was doing...I said fine and he pulled back and went back in. Every time he went in his dick would hit my prostrate and I would get that great feeling but this time I was holding my knees so couldnt jerk. He was going in and out pretty good and when he started breathing fast he reached down and started jerking me. Couple of strokes and I went off. The feeling I was having was something I could NEVER describe. I could feel him hitting my prostrate while I came and I could feel my butthole clamping around his dick with every squirt. Usually when I cum its like mmmmm...done but this was different I actually came four times (Yes, I counted) while he was doing it to me. He was telling me he was going to come after my third and I felt him swell up in my butt and felt him come in me and that gave me my fourth. He leand down to me and we kissed while he was still in me and kinda rubbed my stuff around my stomach and chest. we got done kissing and he pulled out of me and I missed having him inside me. I did feel like I had to go to the bathroom and he laughed and said that was normal. He asked if I wanted to do it to him and i told him yes (Yes I was still hard, go figure) so he got in the position I was in and I did the stuff he did to me (Yes I licked his butthole, it was kinda cool) and when I put my dick against his butthole and pushed it went in with no problem (Yes my dick is smaller than his) and that feeling was something nobody could explain. Like a mouth but with tongues all around the inside. I have NO idea how the guys in these vids can do it for sooooo ling before they come. Didn't take me long at all. I squirted in Dave and pulled out and just went lower and sucked him until he came in my mouth again. I really must admit. I have the most fun when I'm with I KNOW we'll do it again and hopefully we'll come up with some more games to Hope you all had a great weekend too. :) Travis

Views: 561 · Added: 1204 days ago

what formats do videos have to be uploaded in? i post tons that never show up and i assume they are the wrong format. i have a very special one i want to post but its in flv. i don't have a clue how to convert can anyone help me out? also was wondering if its ok to post non sexual vids since the one i have in mind is not sexual but absolutely will make any gay boy who has ever lost anyone special cry. sometimes its about how we feel inside not whats outside. a very special friend on here taught me that.

Views: 561 · Added: 736025 days ago

does anyone know any other sites like this one or nudist john?
theirs not many gay ppl were i live so its pretty hard to do anything with boys lol
yng teen cum is the best :)

Views: 561 · Added: 999 days ago

so does any one know of any sites with gay fictional story's

pms between me and oldaforyounger
Views: 561 · Added: 725 days ago


my reply: haha, u cant offend me, by calling me what i am redneck/hick and DAMN PROUD if it, so crawl back under ur rock and stop attaching ppl here on gbt, sounds to me like ur the one that needs to get a life, i already have one, so HAHA!!!!! so i want to thank u for pointing out the obvious, u made me feel real happy by ur msg, laughing in ur face, haha haha

oldaforyounger 2nd 2 pms: 1) yes your right the joke on you hahahahhahahhaahahha
2) yea ya mam told me bout you so fuck off n leave me alone

my reply to both of them: u started it, and i feel privleaged to be called a redneck so thank u very much, i should turn ur pms into a blog that way every one knows ur a creap

oh wait every one already knows ur a creap and a troll, so have fun with this :D ive delt with ppl like u, all my life, hell i use to be where ur at, but i thought this is getting old and i turned over a new leaf in my life, and im now out there in the real world helping ppl, and reaching out to those here that have troubles and have no where else to turn, ive been on ur levle and it aint no place to be, i hope to receive more hate mail from u, oh....wait no i wont cuz i'll just delete them, i dont have to read any more of ur smut :D so apparently i got ur goat by being nice with my replies, whos the joke on now???? :) :)

I like looking at boners
Views: 561 · Added: 774 days ago

I admit it.

Video Question
Views: 560 · Added: 1217 days ago

So..when I watch some of these vids, all you see is from the waist down or the neck down. I cant seem to get into watching them. A crotch and legs alone don't get me off. Personally I need a face shot so I know what and who I'm watching. The cuter the better. Anyone else agree?

Twin brother
Views: 559 · Added: 385 days ago

If you had a twin brother, you would have sex with him?

first vid
Views: 559 · Added: 1112 days ago

I finaly uploaded my First vid :d soo happy it actualy worked now :D check it out :) give a bit of feedback pleezzz :)

Views: 559 · Added: 1489 days ago

any young boys vids

wild night
Views: 559 · Added: 1001 days ago

what wild things have u done in bed

Masturbation toys
Views: 559 · Added: 1230 days ago

Have you ever used a toy to masturbate with?
What was it?
(Fleshlight, dildo, mechanical something or other?)
Was it yours, or someone elses?
Were you alone, or did you have anyone watching?

Views: 558 · Added: 736025 days ago


Horny Dormmates
Views: 557 · Added: 736025 days ago

I like watching these two fucking in different positions with the close up face shots of the bottom model as he gets done in the bum.

Search the name
Views: 557 · Added: 498 days ago

Hi all,
is there anyone can tell me
from wich movie the Szene " Homeworks" be. ?

Sorry for my bad english and hope that evryone knows me. :-)


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