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how come i cant post a blog
Views: 528 · Added: 735739 days ago

how come i cant post a blog

i think most here agree
Views: 528 · Added: 731 days ago

1000s of videos to watch we can lose one and that is of vladimir (vladik) shibanov who was use all his years as boy and then more when turn 18 and a video on here made in same car he died instant death from terrible crash. please support ~dignity for vlad~ on my profile page

Cum inside or outside
Views: 527 · Added: 749 days ago

When having intercourse do you climax inside your partner or pull out to cum like in the vids?

Views: 527 · Added: 1209 days ago

Can u let all of us know WHEN the site is going to install a delete function on our personal wall,so we will be be able to delete our favorite photos /videos & uploaded Videos we send u
Please post your answer as a comment & not in a personal message..Thank u


any gay boys out there to chat with
Views: 527 · Added: 1204 days ago

love to hear from cute gay boys

How much time before sex?
Views: 525 · Added: 566 days ago

So I met this guy and we´ve dated a couple of times. Last time i gave him an oral but I´m not sure if we should have sex yet. How long should I wait before that?

i love puberty
Views: 525 · Added: 761 days ago

if you want to see my undies pm me your email!

Hottest Video
Views: 525 · Added: 986 days ago

So what is the hottest video on GBT?

I have an idea for a new category
Views: 525 · Added: 729 days ago

Sometimes I like vids and sometimes I like pics, but how about short stories? I enjoy a good erotic short story and I enjoy the short films that really have no sex in them, but the stories are wonderful.
Of course the stories submitted should be legal and some people might like to tell stories of their own personal experiences.
I know there are some talented members here and I think I'd like to see this site grow while staying a tight group of friends.
Does anyone feel the same way?

Quick Question
Views: 524 · Added: 616 days ago

Well to let everyone know that I am still in the closet but my question deals with that a bit. I been living a lie with my true friends and my family for so long now and never yet told anyone who really I am. My major problem is my best friend who is homophobic and is scared to lose him if I do come out. However can homophobic people be living a lie too. The reason is that I sometimes think my best friend is really gay too but just doesn't want to admit it. I think this may be the case because some of the things he does to me when we are along are things that I think a homophobic person never do. Most of the things he does to me is that he loves hugs and cuddles but besides that he also fondles my balls and rubs my nipples and is constantly rubbing me and touching me. I don't mind that he does that to me since I still single and that it feels good to. I also return the favour and do it back to him and doesn't say anything about it. I for one think that he might be gay but there are times that I have popped the question to him and admitting that I am gay but then he reacts that I am leaving and don't want to be friends anymore. I then tell him that I am joking and then he stays and everything goes back to normal.

The question I want to ask does do homophobic person touch other guys in gay ways like fondling there balls. I think he might be gay but who knows. I want to hear what you people think.

Twin brother
Views: 524 · Added: 99 days ago

If you had a twin brother, you would have sex with him?

Views: 524 · Added: 735739 days ago

I upload a video and became an URL message. When i klick on The Url i found the Video but it isnt in listet on my site and not to found at the search list. Why is there anyone who can tell me Why

Views: 524 · Added: 51 days ago

How many times have you cheated on your boyfriend?

Video Question
Views: 524 · Added: 931 days ago

So..when I watch some of these vids, all you see is from the waist down or the neck down. I cant seem to get into watching them. A crotch and legs alone don't get me off. Personally I need a face shot so I know what and who I'm watching. The cuter the better. Anyone else agree?

Webcam photos
Views: 523 · Added: 972 days ago

I love the movies on here, but I find saving the photos slow sometimes. Does anyone know where I can find good twink webcam photos, whether it's pay or forum or whatever? They have to be originating somewhere, thanks.

Fancy A Wank
Views: 523 · Added: 1222 days ago

Hey anybody who fancys having a bit of fun over webcam just add my msn and we can talk and have fun :D

its : xx

looking for cam guys for a group cam session
Views: 523 · Added: 305 days ago

hey guys im looking to set up a group cam session , regular basis just to jerk off together . if interested pm me:)

New self pics blog!
Views: 523 · Added: 769 days ago

Everybody, I have created a new blog, and it's full of twinks photos, so I hope You will like it. I wonder if you coul cooperate with me, sending your own pics!
The blog is

umm what prefer....
Views: 522 · Added: 104 days ago

Big and hairy, or small and shaved?

to the operator
Views: 522 · Added: 1130 days ago

dear nick, 1. why can´t i look and upload vids older than 300 days ago ?? 2. when i want to look the top rated users the answer since 2 month is : incorrect key file for table '/tmp / # sql_cc4__O.MYT´- try to repair it. can anybody help ??

SoCal Men Who Luv Hispanic Boys
Views: 522 · Added: 931 days ago

Anyone else in southern California who gets hard when he sees a hot Hispanic teen? Chat/cam/meet 4 some sucking?

watching "hot 18 yo teen body" video
Views: 522 · Added: 706 days ago

When you watch the vid uploaded by luvnit69 today, do you identify with the teenboy or the masked man?

Views: 521 · Added: 886 days ago

the love of my life left me and won't talk to me ever again, so i feel pretty down....:( is there really anything happy past this?

what is sexy to you?
Views: 521 · Added: 583 days ago

So I have this theory about what different people think is sexy, here it is. Top guys are more interested in how a guy looks than bottom guys are. Top guys care about if a guy is a certain body type or age or smooth or whatever. Bottom guys don't care as much about looks, they care more about how a guy acts, like if he is confident or dominant or whatever.
Yea i know thats a total over generalization, but just from what guys here have said and what Ive seen on this site i think maybe its true. Does anybody agree or disagree, im just wondering?

Avatar Issues Fixed
Views: 521 · Added: 17 days ago

I thnk we have fixed all the issues with uploading a new avatar on your profile. I will keep a eye on this but has tested ok so far

pms between me and oldaforyounger
Views: 521 · Added: 440 days ago


my reply: haha, u cant offend me, by calling me what i am redneck/hick and DAMN PROUD if it, so crawl back under ur rock and stop attaching ppl here on gbt, sounds to me like ur the one that needs to get a life, i already have one, so HAHA!!!!! so i want to thank u for pointing out the obvious, u made me feel real happy by ur msg, laughing in ur face, haha haha

oldaforyounger 2nd 2 pms: 1) yes your right the joke on you hahahahhahahhaahahha
2) yea ya mam told me bout you so fuck off n leave me alone

my reply to both of them: u started it, and i feel privleaged to be called a redneck so thank u very much, i should turn ur pms into a blog that way every one knows ur a creap

oh wait every one already knows ur a creap and a troll, so have fun with this :D ive delt with ppl like u, all my life, hell i use to be where ur at, but i thought this is getting old and i turned over a new leaf in my life, and im now out there in the real world helping ppl, and reaching out to those here that have troubles and have no where else to turn, ive been on ur levle and it aint no place to be, i hope to receive more hate mail from u, oh....wait no i wont cuz i'll just delete them, i dont have to read any more of ur smut :D so apparently i got ur goat by being nice with my replies, whos the joke on now???? :) :)

I havent blown in 3 days
Views: 521 · Added: 8 days ago

savin for my new bf

What's your favorite pie?
Views: 521 · Added: 339 days ago

Just a bit of the casual and ordinary. I was making some apple pie the other day and wondered what every ones favorite pie is? Please, no answers starting with cream.... oooooops, gave it away, ha, ha!

older guy
Views: 520 · Added: 918 days ago

hi all older guy here likes yng fun vids pics chat? msg me

doll pics
Views: 520 · Added: 1133 days ago

hi, does anybody know where i find these pictures of this one boy fucking a sex doll?

New Video on the way
Views: 520 · Added: 1000 days ago

I will be soon making a new video so what would u like to see

and i am also still a virgin

Views: 519 · Added: 482 days ago

What do u think should be done with them if convicted??

looking 4 younger
Views: 519 · Added: 1016 days ago

so wondering if there are any younger guys out there from nc that are into older. or wondering were are sites were i can watch younger vids :)

Me and my best friend
Views: 519 · Added: 534 days ago

iv had the best few days of my life. the last 2 days sleeping in bed naked with my best friend hugging each other and trying to be as discret as possible so his mom and family dont find out. sucking each other off every hour and kissing each other. its the same as before we came out to each other but just with alot more sex and stuff now :) But my heaart is kinda broken....we were out with our friends today hanging out by the beach when he started meeting (kissing) a girl infront of me and my friends,im heart broke. the whole time whilst he was meeting her he was staring at me into my eyes. he could tell by the look on my face that i was really upset at him doing this and i could tell that he was upset by doing it aswell. but i kept a smile on my face infronnt of my friends. what should i do? im so confused aagghhhhh

Video Uploads Suspended for 48 Hours
Views: 518 · Added: 735739 days ago

I am very sorry to have to inform you guys that the video uploads will be suspended for 48hours.

This should be fixed by Sunday night, and All videos submitted will be listed after that so please do not think we are removing your submissions in anyway.

Their are some script compatibility issues, as well as a rapidly growing site to blame But I will work night and day until this is fixed and have hired a development team to address this and a few other smaller issues.



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