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Hard whenever naked?
Views: 749 · Added: 281 days ago

Im a teen and seem to have a problem where whenever I get naked or strip down, especially in public (change rooms, pools, etc) I always get hard and horny.. I dont know why. I guess its part of a fantasy in my head but is this normal? Is it weird when you see another guy hard ? HELP ! :S

Views: 391 · Added: 464 days ago

does swallowing cum over a length of time make you more femimine, was just wondering.

watch for scam
Views: 250 · Added: 155 days ago

they potray themselves as the fbi and interpool..and you are busted for child pornogaphy have to send 300 dollars .....beware of this is a virus ...

No vids
Views: 859 · Added: 613 days ago

I cant see any vids,only if i had download them.
have someone same prob?

teens watch out
Views: 557 · Added: 462 days ago

2 years ago my friend who was 14 was on an app called meetme:) and he put pics of him and a few pics of places around his house and someone who said that they were 14 year old girl asked him who his friends were and what school he went to then 2 months later my friend goes missing, he was raped lots of times by 3 men, the police they found him 6 months later and he has never left his house after he was found and he just stays in his room and doesn't talk much

people 16 and under are most likely to be targeted by pedophiles so be careful out there

Bieber naked
Views: 1311 · Added: 435 days ago

Does anyone know where i can find the recently leaked nude pictures of justin bieber?

Views: 202 · Added: 153 days ago

whats the better game american footie or british footie, answers on a postcard

Views: 463 · Added: 574 days ago

I just want to get something off my chest this morning. I got to Fresno CA. and hit a wifi spot for coffee and found that all hell has broken loose in my favorite place on the internet. A person who's name I shall not mention seems to be full of hate and mallace toward myself and others and for little or no reason. I notice now that his account seems to have been deleted. I don't know if I am happy or sad about that. I know you must think I am crazy for saying that but please hear me out. I am sorry that I didnt try harder to reach out to him in his time of need and try to help, I believe in his own way he was asking for help. He made statements that he knew would inflame us and get everyone riled up, he would get attention. perhaps that was how he got attention as a child from his parents he did bad things so he got punished. Please understand that is no EXCUSE but he needs help.

I understand now that this person had threatened to go on a shooting rampage several months ago. Guys this is serious, this shows the depths of hate and illnes that this person has. Making a terrorist threat in this day and age is not something to be taken lightly. I was in Aurora Colorado earlier this year, I have seen what someone who is "off his meds" is able to do. I have been to Quatar kwuait and Iraq I have seen HATE and she is an evil bitch.

Now we have to ask ourselves when the next shooting rampage happens was it HIM? Did we light the final fuse by getting him kicked off this site? I dont know how administration feels about it but I feel that somehow his threats need to be reported to the proper authorties, even if its just so he can get the help he needs. Again a sane person just doesnt make those threats on a public website ( as I was told today that he did several months ago)

Thats more typing that I've done in years, this is was to serious stuff for this early in the AM. Sorry folks. Love ya all. Peace;-) Tommy

Views: 320 · Added: 426 days ago

luck,,,what is it..are you lucky?..please share your thoughts,feelings,,and experiences concerning luck...thanks

Online Confession
Views: 255 · Added: 150 days ago

For all those who know me...

Official Image Section Blog
Views: 865 · Added: 808 days ago

I would like to apologies for the image section issues and would like to also reassure everyone that it will be up and running Monday. Will be a day or so longer that I originally thought but was assured we will be ready to reactivate at that time. And look forward to listing 100s of back image folders we have at that time as well as hourly new updates

I understand many have spent some considerable time adding image folder and helping out the site by sharing. We have not removed your images or folders and they will be re-added to the site rapidly.

What Should the FAQ Page List?
Views: 283 · Added: 16 days ago

What info does everyone belive should be listed here?

on or off
Views: 307 · Added: 273 days ago

when making love, a put off for me is the sock thing, prfer them off, I feel its offputting if you wear socks, what do you guys think

Views: 1026 · Added: 831 days ago

Is it normal to have a fetish for boys in speedos and briefs? Does anybody else share the same fetish as me?

Hey guys
Views: 321 · Added: 337 days ago

If u were alone with me for one night, what would we do?

thanks Nick18 !
Views: 304 · Added: 301 days ago

This site is rockin! Chill guys / amazing quality !
Best vids on the net! Relationships abound, help is everywhere!

Lets all post a "Thanks Nick18 ! " below and acknowkledge his efforts!

auto fellatio
Views: 319 · Added: 148 days ago

ok who amoung us can suck there own dick? not many i'm sure. but who has tried? i'll bet everyone reading this. how close can you get and how often do you try? i would be willing to bet many str8 guys try at some time in their youth! ha!

Views: 157 · Added: 150 days ago

Sex is always on everyones mind! WHY! Because humans are designed to eat and fuck! Why do we have to work day to day, dealing with nonsense and political bullshit!?!

relationship sex
Views: 429 · Added: 534 days ago

so i am in a long term committed relationship with my bf and mate. we have been together a long time, he is 20 i am 21. i have been told it is wrong for me to masturbate without him as that is like cheating on him. this friend said that all sex should be between myself and my partner. i know my partner does not jo, and he knows i do, but i wondered what others thought. thanks!

Views: 217 · Added: 233 days ago

Hi Guys, Sorry I've not been around much, (or at all), for a while. Been so busy here getting ready for my holiday which starts tomorrow. Off to Greece, or Rhodes, to be acurate. I can't wait, getting excited about it now. Looking forward to checking out all the hot, half naked guys though... ;)) I'll be offline for a couple of weeks while I'm sunnung myself. I hope I'll come back with a nice tan, but on past experience, and being a redhead, I'll more than likely be a rather fetching shade of pink! Ah well, I guess it's appropriate, at least! lol Take care while I'm away and look after each other. I'll miss all of you. See you all soon. Love, hugs and kisses Steve XOXOXOX

Here ya go Sweetboi a new hero for ya
Views: 283 · Added: 537 days ago

LONDON (AP) — Police investigating child sex abuse allegations against the late BBC television host Jimmy Savile arrested former glam rock star and convicted sex offender Gary Glitter on Sunday, British media reported, raising further questions about whether Savile was at the center of a broader pedophile ring.

Police would not directly identify the suspect arrested Sunday, but media including the BBC and Press Association reported he was the 68-year-old Glitter.

The musician, whose real name is Paul Gadd, made it big with the crowd-pleasing hit "Rock & Roll (Part 2)," a mostly instrumental anthem that has been a staple at American sporting events, thanks to its catchy "hey" chorus. But he fell into disgrace after being convicted on child abuse charges in Vietnam.

Sunday's arrest was the first in a widening scandal over Savile's alleged sex crimes, which started garnering attention earlier this month when a television documentary showed several women claiming that Savile abused them when they were teenagers. Hundreds of potential victims have since come forward to report similar claims to police against Savile, a much-loved children's TV presenter and disc jockey who died at the age of 84 last year.

Most have alleged abuse by Savile, but some said they were abused by Savile and others. Most claimed they were assaulted in their early teens.

The scandal has raised questions about whether the BBC, the publicly funded and trusted broadcaster, had ignored crimes it suspected over several decades. Its executives have apologized and vowed to uncover the true scale of the alleged abuse.

"The BBC's reputation is on the line," Chris Patten, the chairman of the BBC Trust, wrote in The Mail on Sunday newspaper. "The BBC risks squandering public trust because one of its stars over three decades was apparently a sexual criminal ... and because others — BBC employees and hangers-on — may also have been involved."

On Sunday, the BBC and Sky News showed footage of Glitter, who wore a hat, a dark coat and sunglasses, being taken from his home by officers and driven away.

Police would not directly identify the suspect, but when asked about Glitter a spokesman said the force arrested a man in his 60s early Sunday morning in London on suspicion of sexual offenses in connection with the Savile probe. He was released later Sunday and was due to return to a London police station in December for further questioning, police said. British police do not generally identify suspects under arrest by name until they are charged.

Glitter, known for his shiny jumpsuits and bouffant wigs, was jailed in Britain in 1999 for possessing child pornography, and convicted in 2006 in Vietnam of committing "obscene acts with children" — offenses involving girls aged 10 and 11. He was deported back to Britain in 2008.

In 2006, the NFL advised its football teams not to use the Glitter version of "Rock and Roll (Part 2)" at games.

One witness recently told a BBC-TV show that she once saw Glitter having sex with a schoolgirl in Savile's dressing room at the broadcaster's TV center in the 1970s. Glitter has denied the allegations.

Police have said that though the majority of cases it is investigating relate to Savile alone, some involve the entertainer and other unidentified suspects. In addition, some potential victims who reported abuse by Savile also told police about separate allegations against unidentified men that did not involve the BBC host.

The scandal has horrified Britain with revelations that Savile, the longtime host of the popular BBC shows "Top of the Pops" and "Jim will Fix It," allegedly cajoled and coerced vulnerable teens into having sex with him in his car, his camper van, and even in dingy dressing rooms on BBC premises. Police describe him as one of the worst sex offenders in recent history.

The BBC has set up an independent inquiry into the corporation's culture and practices in the years Savile worked there. It also launched a separate inquiry into why its managers shelved an investigation into the allegations.

But the scandal continues to put the broadcaster under pressure, and it seems likely that more people — either outside or inside the corporation — could be implicated.

"It could be the beginning of other high-profile arrests," Roy Greenslade, a journalism professor at London's City University, said in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday.

Max Clifford, a prominent public relations guru, claimed that dozens of celebrities from the 1960s and 1970s have approached him to express fear that they could be drawn into to the scandal and criticized for their hedonistic behavior in the past.

Greenslade said that while Glitter's arrest must be a huge concern to the BBC, it is too early to say that the broadcaster's reputation is in crisis.

"If any BBC employee is shown to be involved, then there would be a nosedive in public trust," he said. "But nothing at the moment has been proven."

Views: 303 · Added: 95 days ago

whatever happens, friends will be friends.

but what is friendship? who is your friend? it's a question of time, it's a question of trust, it's a question of being together, it's a question of feelings for each other, it's a question of love ...

a friend is not just a number, anyone on an anonymous list. especially in social networks like facebook, and yes, like GBT some are only collecting friends and think the more friends i have, the more popular i am, is this really important? does it mean the more people love you? to find out who is a real friend is not easy, you think aah yay, he is my friend, he spends time with me, is funny, kindly, friendly and takes care, but in the next moment you notice that he only pretends it, coz he wants something else and only exploits you. this is disappointing and very deeply hurting ...

no matter who he is, what he is, what he looks like, a friend is someone who is there for me when i need him, someone to talk to and someone i can trust, who knows me and feels when i fight with my demons, who is loyal and understands me without saying a word, someone i can count on, someone who can forgive and who is not scared to tell me the truth and never judges, someone who loves me just the way i am and who is just there and gives me a shoulder, takes my hand and touches my heart ...

i don't need much friends, i only need real friends.

Ideal amount of time as a Bottom?
Views: 491 · Added: 163 days ago

When you are a Bottom, what do you feel is the ideal amount of time to have the Top inside of you (from the moment he enters to the the moment he cums)?

Homemade porn videos!!!
Views: 575 · Added: 126 days ago

I always think homemade porn videos are the best!!! It makes me harder!

Davey1965 400 days
Views: 237 · Added: 190 days ago

David count down has began 399 days and just a few hours left i wish you a great 400 days and you are a wonderful buddy please all you friends out there give your regards to a great guy

wish you all a happy easter and horny
Views: 296 · Added: 741 days ago

wish you all a happy and horny easter, have fun while looking for eggs ...

Am I living a lie?
Views: 714 · Added: 712 days ago

I need some advice. I have always been attracted to men but have lived my life in the closet. I've done it for so long that I can even imagine what it would be like to let the real me be seen. Even my friends that I have known since 1st grade would tell you I am 100% straight. Coming out would cause a lot of hurt feelings and lost relationships that I am sure could never be repaired.

At this point, is it best to just continue to live in the closet or if not, any suggestions on how to take the first step out?

Up late, Can't sleep
Views: 475 · Added: 740 days ago

As I lie here at 1:30 in the morning, I can't help but think about my life. I am a gay teen. In my 19 years on this planet, I've only told one person my deepest, darkest secret, and I am absolutely terrified to tell everybody else in my life. I long to find a nice guy with whom I can cuddle when I feel depressed, who I can spoil and tell how much I love him, but I fear my family's reaction. I mean, I feel like my parents would handle it well since they seem to already have a hunch that I'm gay, but my siblings, two of whom I think I have a pretty strong relationship with, may not take it as well. I'm thinking especially of my oldest brother. He comes off to me as probably one of the most bigoted homophobes on the face of this Earth. I've heard him say many occasions that gay people should all die. He is one of the people George Takei (One of my heroes)would call a complete and total "douche-bag," and as much as I hate to say it, I don't know that I can disagree. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother, but I've seen him snap over far lesser things and beat the crap out of someone for no apparent reason. I can only imagine what he would do to me. Luckily though, he lives in a different state, so if I wanted to tell my parents, he wouldn't be here. however, the real problem is that my Mom is the kind of person who can't keep a secret, si I fear she would end up telling him anyway. I don't know what to do.

The smaller the candy gets, the more you pay
Views: 264 · Added: 531 days ago

Has anyone noticed we’ve been being stiffed lately? My favorite pickle has always been Claussen Pickles and I remember a time you almost needed a crowbar to get them out of the jars because they were always packed so tightly. Well now you mostly get loose cucumber seeds more so than pickles. I say to Claussen that if you want to put fewer pickles in a jar; that’s fine, but maybe you should consider making the jars a little smaller so that maybe consumers at least think they’re getting their money’s worth.
As for Halloween I’ve seen people spend over $30.00 and even far more on what can’t even be called bite sized candy. I decided to try an experiment and took a chance because I’ve noticed that kids aren’t trick-or-treating in my home town as much as when I was a kid, I guess because (and I grant you and understand it’s a little scary out there lately) the town holds a haunted house at the community center. So, I took a chance and spent $14.68 on a box of full sized Mars brand candy bars. We had Trick-or-treat from 4:00pm to 7:00pm and when it was all over I had 2 bars left over. Our only decorations for the house this year were 2 decorated, but un-carved pumpkin and a Tiki torch. (Our front door light can’t be seen from the street, so the torch indicates we’re passing out candy) Grand total for Halloween this year was $21.68 (pumpkins and torch fuel included) and every child left our house bug-eyed ecstatic over the size of the candy we handed out. Oh and 3 fully grown young people whom I can’t be sure weren’t past voting age, but who cares; they were dressed up for Halloween, so I was happy to give them a treat too.
My point is those bite sized candies, just like Claussen pickles and other so called great deal items, might not be such good deals after all. Maybe people should consider not buying those bite sized bags anymore and bring Halloween back to the way it was when we were kids. After all, it’s only once a year anyway.

Views: 448 · Added: 675 days ago

As i said in my previous blog my boy friend (he is 9 years younger than me) we are going to live together for the very first time..we will be moving into my parents second home a stone built cottage in Haworth West Yorkshire UK..a village made famous by the Bronte Sisters....
'Jane Eyre' and 'Wuthering Hights' anyone interested in literature will know the stories!!
I hope that living together 'works out' for us both..we are very compatible and care for each other very much...Any tips and advice from GBT members will be appriciated!!

Views: 588 · Added: 600 days ago

hey! I'm new here and thought i'd introduce myself...i'm James, 18, from England and about to go to University. Come say hi =)

google earth--little man
Views: 304 · Added: 414 days ago a fav of mine..its a map and geography tutor..i have been to lots of cities to look around..BUT...somebody recently showed me the walk-around cool..go to a place (your house)..get down close...then on the right,,by the compass...there is the little on him and drag him to where you want to walk need to have buildings 3d...this works in many places but not everywhere..scroll forward and backward...use mouse to turn and see left and right..little side streets may not the boonies ..maybe not..try it..i love it..


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