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slow pages
Views: 181 · Added: 14 hrs ago

My pages are taking a long time to load up. Is anyone else having this problem?

Greetings Everyone! :3
Views: 260 · Added: 370 days ago

I'm new here and just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. xD Sorry if this the wrong spot to do so, please forgive meeee. ;~;

Meditation……this meditation is used to reduce your stress level…it works..meditate before eating ..your digestion will slow down or stop…meditate for 15-25 minutes twice a day for best results…you may fall asleep while doing it..have a kitchen timer set for you to know when to come out or wake you up..don’t have things cooking on tv/radio….sit in a comfortable chair/sofa…close your eyes…relax for half minute or so..introduce the mantra…SCHRING…it is a sound..not a say it but hear it…slowly repeat it…maybe on exhale..hear is a sound…you will have thoughts come in…when you realize it ..simply reintroduce the sound..(this is the heart of doin it correctly) the sound may change it is normal..your body will go asleep..your mind awake..have a clock/watch to peek at when you think time to stop..TO STOP…simply stop the mantra…take a minute or so the slowly wake up your body..done..ideally do it before leaving in morning and before eating…..also evening before you eat…IT IS DEEP REST FOR DYNAMIC ACTIVITY….please try it…I will answer any question you have..thanks..mike

Views: 432 · Added: 612 days ago

who like getten handjobs or blowjobs

Racism on GBT
Views: 671 · Added: 965 days ago

is racism accpetable on this site. I Posted a blog looking for other irish lads on the site here is a reply i got from a user
mike1946 - 2012-05-22 07:38:57
i drink too much, live with my mother, and get into fights. i guess i'm irish.(j/k) cute he puts the jk at the end o make it all ok

sad day for me
Views: 355 · Added: 777 days ago

i don't work at the bakery any more because they are losing money and they had to let me go

download video option?
Views: 655 · Added: 1023 days ago

Hey all. I remember a few weeks ago there was a download option for the vids on here... did the link get removed? or where is it? I swear i saw it once and i can't seem to find it :)


Should I?
Views: 437 · Added: 507 days ago

I'm thinking that I need to contribute to this site! Was thinking of posting an album of myself naked, what do you guys think? I know i don't have an avatar but I'm Asian, thai/french to be exact, 5'7", 128 lbs, twinkish and very lean build. Let me know what you guys think, thanks :)

Views: 400 · Added: 505 days ago

Some days I feel ashamed of being Bisexual

May God be with You all. Sad and confused, my regular flight from Europe to Asia.

Congratulations Billyboy96 on 800 GBT days
Views: 226 · Added: 327 days ago

Love you booboo :)

dirty talk
Views: 842 · Added: 714 days ago

what r ur fav. dirty phrases u use during sex

Views: 820 · Added: 713 days ago

Who loves cum? who loves a face full of cum? who loves eating cum? I love it! just cant get enough of cum!

music videos..
Views: 539 · Added: 706 days ago

share a must see video of music we shold see. see inside..

what turns you on?
Views: 1288 · Added: 1035 days ago

what turns you on?

Cum Freak
Views: 666 · Added: 831 days ago

i have to admit i love cum. it adds so much to the intimacy of lovemaking to be able to share your juices. it is a huge, huge turn on for me to see it shoot. i luv to lick it up and share it. does anyone else feel this strongly about cum? i know some are repelled by it.

Views: 635 · Added: 829 days ago

I grew up with a huge family and no modesty. I enjoy being naked, love a locker room, nude swimming, whatever. My bf is very modest. I like to hang around our apartment nude and he isnt. he is getting better. i would also luv to camp naked or get involved with outdoor camps or sports where nudity is allowed. i want to do a beach vacation, but cant convince my bf he would enjoy it.

Gays Socially Awkward
Views: 345 · Added: 459 days ago

I ate lunch today at a sandwich shop, and in my usual manner, I eavesdropped on a near by conversation (There's no such thing as a private conversation in public). Anyway, I overhead two guys talking about how you can usually tell someone is guy when they're socially awkward.

I just found this interesting, and I wanted to hear what you all had to say.

Secret Boyfreinds!!
Views: 664 · Added: 11 days ago

im just wondering, did anyone esle have a secret crush with a boy at school? or still do?

i did and yes i do :)

Hotel Pissing
Views: 1466 · Added: 827 days ago

There was a video on here a while back that I can't find now, two twinks and an older guy in a hotel room. One twink was pissing everywhere and getting sucked. Never managed to see the whole video just the first 15 seconds as it would never buffer past that. Anyone have it or know where to find it?

Views: 502 · Added: 905 days ago

what are your tipping policys. based on food,server,other? in a group. anyone work for tips? some horror stories? my x was a server. i heard it all. join in, please.

What's your weird fetish?
Views: 426 · Added: 285 days ago

I see on here some people get turned on by people smoking a ciggarette, i really cannot see how that could make you horny

Young Bullies Harass Old Lady.
Views: 653 · Added: 942 days ago

What do you think of these little Assholes.

In Two Words
Views: 1181 · Added: 1256 days ago

In two words describe your first time ...

Views: 713 · Added: 939 days ago

If you and your partner were living together and you both loved and sexual satisfied each others needs...but an opportunity came when your partner was away for a few go with another guy who you really fancied?...and if you did would you tell your partner on his return...or keep it a secret that you f**ked someone else when he was away...

Goodbye, 18th
Views: 569 · Added: 531 days ago

Goodbye everyone on here, I'm sorry to leave but this sight has brought some horrible people into my life. Although there are many of you which I cherish so much I can't stay. two main people to why I'm leaving are cooper and Stefan. They have been vile to me for the past few days and they are unforgivable so I'm sorry to all my true friends. I will miss you but by the 18th I will be gone. I hate the nastiness that this sight brings and I hope you all never have to go through what I have had to. Those selfish inconsiderate boys make me want to end my life. They've hurt me in a way no one else could especially Stefan. So goodbye, I will live my life free from those hates

Life is.....
Views: 263 · Added: 413 days ago

Views: 487 · Added: 363 days ago

i wonder what everyone thinks of these blogs. i see about 12-15 guys who will respond and a lot of readers. i assume the readers are not logged in and cannot post a reply. i'd like to hear what guys think of thsses blogs, what they would like to see and how to create community among some guys that choose to hang out here and socilaize just a bit.

"The Eternal List Of Phallic Symbols!!!"
Views: 237 · Added: 236 days ago

I'm starting this chain of "The Eternal List Of Phallic Symbols!!!".

whats worse ?
Views: 1555 · Added: 936 days ago

Getting caught jerking by your lil bro or gettin caught lookin at gay porn?

welcome back
Views: 427 · Added: 285 days ago

my first blog this week. after a disasterous week of fighting and bullying amoungst ourselves, things have settlled down and i wish we could evaluate our wants and needs here. for me, i love the porn. no i don't contribute, i don't go to any other site, nor do i understand how to upload pics. i have a tumblr and have tried to bring pics over, can't get it to work. my other reason is to interact with other guys that share a common thread with me. we are gay. we love men, boys, man sex and our weiners. and despite all that we have families, co-workers, roommates, lovers, bf's and issues in our lives that just make being gay a challenge. and then there is being single, lonely, depressed or unhealthy. or we all know there are teenage boys of all ages circulating this site that wonder what the heck life is like to be gay. we sure fail them on that account. i for one, just want to share life, my hurt, my family, my lover and my great passion for sex. i have no problem with age, 15, 23, 40 or 70, i can either learn from wisdom or share some of my own. i've seen a lot of life in the last 10 years. i don't have many friends on here. 7 or 8. maybe i talk too much in the blogs. maybe i am not good at reaching out to make friends. but from here on i [plan to try harder at showing appreciation to those that upload pics and vids and those that comment in the blogs. i love you guys, those i know and yes those i just read about or admire your contributions. have a great sunday.

Pee inside him
Views: 572 · Added: 492 days ago

My friend wants me to pee inside his rectum. Anyone have experience with it?

jo in public
Views: 597 · Added: 489 days ago

do you like to jo in public? or outside? where are some of the strangest places you have left your spermies at?

la de da :) giles
Views: 198 · Added: 91 days ago

:) giles


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