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Don't know bouts u guys but some dude named SANDY is giving me an awesome blowjob on Monday. Sweet

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I just want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me messages and comments over the time I have been on this site,but I feel now is the time to leave,I will finish this last batch of videos first though,
Once again many thanks to you all

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Man what is up with you please talk to me. Why did you delete your account. This hurts so bad. You should have talked to me first. Cooper

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"Hello, anyone here?"

I'm coming home, coming back to my love, and find an empty place, seem to be deserted. I was wondering about the dark weird clouds covering this part of the world when I approached. I shout the names of some friends, but I got no reply. No one is here anymore, I feel lonely and look around. This is not my home anymore.

What happened to this place? What happened to our home?

I rewind the good times, I rewind the bad times. Looking backwards my memories of the good times are much more present. I had fun, I got hurt, I had friends, I lost friends, I felt home, I felt alone, but i found love. Love was all around, people took care, we had a big family. But now ... I feel dizzy, I shiver, I'm freezing.

This place is desolate, bleak, boring, loveless and dead. My heart is heavy, where is he? Frightened and uncertain my eyes try to find a sign of life, only a small sparkle of hope. A slightly cough comes from behind a corner, I look around and on a bench hidden behind a miserable dead tree I notice a creature taking a nervous puff of his cigarette. I come closer and he looks up to me.

"Hey Chris, you're back?" The voice sounds familiar, but this cannot be, I take another look and god help me, a pale and emaciated face is staring at me, I can hardly recognize him, one of my friends.

"You? God, what happened to you?"

"The war, it was like hell." He throws his cigarette careless behind. "Where have you been?"

"I was busy with studying and you know what happened the last time I was here, I needed some distance to fight with my demons, but it was only four weeks ago, this could not happen in such a short time."

"You have no idea, it started weeks before you left, first slowly, but the signs where all around and we ignored them."

"But how could it come so far?"

"First there were only some words, some guys changed arguments, they used hurtful words, they insulted and dissed, but it seemed to be harmless, it was fun between only a few guys, but innocent get involved, they caused suffering and pain, people get hurt, wounds and scars remained. Remember, you were hurt."

"Yes, I know, but they didn't want to hurt me, they were just joking and didn't think that their words could hurt me or anyone else, they were playing their own game."

"That's the point, they didn't look at the consequences, maybe it was only a game, but it turned into a battle and escalated into a war that no one could win."

"But there are so many good guys taking care, stopping the fights. There is you."

"Some of them were infected by the virus and started new fights themselves, some of our friends got unmasked and showed their real faces. It was horrible. I couldn't do anything, it was hopeless, I was helpless. Every day one of us capitulated or disappeared. I couldn't count the victims anymore, your boyfriend was the last. Wherever I fought against a fire, a hundred others kindled around me. I surrendered." His voice got tearful and he lights another cigarette. A few seconds ago I thought I can see a sparkle of hope in his eyes, but I am wrong, his eyes are starring expressionless to the other site of the place. He doesn't attend me anymore, he doesn't even notice me. He turned into one of them.

What have you done to this place? What have you done to our home?

The war of words washed away everything that meant a lot to me. The good ones are gone, some zombies and bullies stayed. Turning around and leaving, my steps are the only noises, silent echoes subside, the only trace left. I don't look back. A lonely tear searching its way down my cheek, I will miss this place, i will miss the last few friends I'm leaving. It was always good to come back home, but sometimes it's time to say goodbye, time for a new start.

A cold wind is blowing behind me, I turn up the collar, winter is coming. I hear steps in front of me, a shadow is coming closer. It's weird, I'm not scared, i feel save. My love. No word. Just one kiss and he takes my hand. Together we're leaving. The echoes of our steps disappear. Silent echoes. -CA-

My question is ...
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Cut or uncut (all dicks r nice so please dont tell me that lol)

hey all
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Just sitting around and just relaxing today. I hope that everyone has an awesome saturday! I am planning on pigging out and watching some shows i needed to catch up on while sipping on hot chocolate. Again guy, have an awesome saturday!

best friend
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if your best friend had a real cute lets say 19 year old son would you have sex with him.

do opposites attract?
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Im curious about if guys like other guys who are like them or different from them? I just mean about physical looks here. I mostly look at guys who are pretty much totally different than me, like tall and muscular and maybe a little hairy (hairy chest = mmmm!) and a little older. So im wondering, do most guys like other guys that are like them or different?

What did you do to him?
How old were you?
How old was he?
Was he drunk,asleep or other?
Did you get caught?
Did you feel guilty afterwards?
Would you do it again?

What would you do? I was scaring myself thinking about it today haha

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just a random blog never had lobster :) giles

Happy Birthday Toby19
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Enjoy then!
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I know it's been a totally common issue or situation here, but seems admins don't like my videos or photos like you guys do. That upset me a little bit. 2 albums of photos (40 pictures) and many many other hawt videos and good movies, they are just never been published. Compared with that I personally didn't enjoy that much straight guys masturbate in front of camera, I feel only funny about that. I'm seriously thinking why I do all things here, what do I actually want from here or people here, and why I share my movies (most of them I bought DVD or Blue-ray, transfer to hard disc, find English subtitle for you guys, compress to a small movie file and upload here), and which probably against the laws...
Yes, I'm thinking of not to share videos anymore. Until I find a meaning. Or at least, the admins could inform me why this or that video cannot be published or problem of photos I uploaded etc.

So, enjoy! Guys! :)

New Video Player?
Views: 298 · Added: 449 days ago

Hi everyone I wanted to see what everyone thinks about the new video player? I know we had some problems with it stretching videos before and distorting them a bit because of this but that all should be fixed and and should be working well. We will have many player updates coming very soon, with many new features and options but just wanted to make sure we got the basics working well and everyone is happy

intense orgasm masturbation
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so how do you have a really intense orgasm when masturbating

Hey gbt :)
Views: 628 · Added: 683 days ago

Would like to know, what's the most craziest thing you have ever done,, doesn't matter if its sexual or regular :)

Views: 211 · Added: 141 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buddy Thanks for being a long time friend.

Please wish Andy a Happy day 8-)

Penis: Shaved or not?
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So today I shaved my pubes for the first time. I very much like the visual aspect of the clean look, and the results were good. I had a pretty big bush. Now I am noticing some slight irritation so I put some scent-less moisturizer on it and I did accidentally cut myself a tiny bit but that bleeding has stopped. I was wondering what you guys think about shaved vs. not shaved, how often you need to re-shave, and what you think about the irritation. Does it go away if you do it enough?

Yes, I am 18, btw, which is why there is a picture of the result.


can ur prostate fall out?
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yano if u fart hard enough can it fall out? sory im very bored layin here :( jst humor me at least :)

Like the question says: do you like young guys, and how young?

anyone into younger and want to chat msg me
Views: 2155 · Added: 1188 days ago

like em young, want to msg or talk on the phone about similar fantasies.

Craziest place you've jerked off at!
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When I was like 14 or 15, for one summer I used to jerk off in the yard when there was no one home. I use to love the thrill of it, the danger of getting caught! I used lay out a towel on the lawn beside the edge of pine trees and sit there jerking off furiously. I would always cum onto the grass.

I don't know if any of the neighbours ever saw me. Good times!

How about you guys? What's the craziest place you've ever jerked off at?

Today I was feeling kind of down, so I came up with an idea...It was a pretty selfish thing to do but it really made me feel happy knowing I was helping people. I took 900e out of my bank account that I've been saving for a while and i gave 500e towards kids in the philippines, 200e to a homeless eastern European family that I always see on the street and 200e to a local LGBT teen center that has helped me out a lot over the years. I felt pretty good about it afterwards. But that feeling was short lived as the realisation hit me that I am not down 900e FUCKKKKKKK! But the way I see it I could of spent that money on something stupid and I would of forgotten about it after a few days. At least those people will remember it for a long time :) Did you do anything good today? x

May is National Masturbation Month
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For those of you that are unaware, May is National Masturbation Month. What a better place to celebrate than on GBT. That noise you hear is the sound of one hand clapping.

how to talk to people?
Views: 148 · Added: 126 days ago

how to meet strangers? and to be confident when going up to someone you want to talk to?

Views: 567 · Added: 490 days ago

If you like to rim, which do you prefer - a smooth or hairy bum hole?

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Yesterday I had to do the most heart breaking thing, I had to have 1 of my pet dogs put to sleep after almost 12 years of unconditionly love. I relieze that it was the best thing for him because his poor old body just couldn't take it any more but it hurts so bad right now with I think about him. It also gives me great comfort to now know he's not suffering any more and he's in that big dogy kennel in the sky and is running around with his friend , our other dog that was also put to sleep last year. I have no shame what so ever in admitting I cried like a baby all day yesterday.

I missed you all. I missed talking with you each and every one of you.

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after reading about all these stories on teen suicide, i just wanna say that kids or anyone for that matter who take their own lives are the kost selfish people. your sad cause life sucks? grow some balls! there are millions of people with.diseases or cancer who would.give anything for extra days to live, and these pussies give up.theirs?? not cool...

The neighbour boy
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I think I am in love with my neighbour's boy! He is soooo cute, and he loves to come over to our place and hang out. Today he came again, and he came while I was taking a shower and he just showed up in our bathroom while I was still showering. Just came in, and started talking about this and that as if it would be the most natural thing. I got so horny having him there while I was still completely naked. I got a hardon and he was totally checking me out! But he is 7 years younger than me - not legal! What should I do?

Are you single or in a relationship?
Views: 350 · Added: 453 days ago

Hey guys, just wondering how many guys are single?

To know how to socialize
Views: 261 · Added: 67 days ago

If you could give me any advice or give me some potion that would make people

Views: 239 · Added: 665 days ago

To all my US friends..i just want to wish you all a very happy and enjoyable THANKSGIVING holiday tomorrow (Thursday 22nd) tuck into the turkey and enjoy!


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