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Outbox Mail Problem
Views: 196 · Added: 936 days ago

My problem, although maybe that is the way it is supposed to work, is that whenever I upload vids, I get individual outbox messages telling my subscribers that I have uploaded a new video. Having a lot of subscribers and uploading a lot of files, my outbox gets huge and I then have to go through and delete them so I can actually see the necessary outbox messages.

I looked in preferences but wasn't able to see any checkable item to hinder this from happening. Am I resigned to delete all my subscribers to take care of this problem? Obviously I would like them to know about my new uploads.


Bath Houses?
Views: 581 · Added: 936 days ago

Does anyone ever go to gay Bath houses? In my area they are popular with the gay community. I'm thinking about going to one but would love some input. Like what is common etiquette? How to say yes and no? Any other pointers will help a lot. thanks.

Views: 238 · Added: 936 days ago

Well i tried uploading a few pics to the site and they still have not been added to the site, so apparently the admin didnt like them or something. They were all nice pics from

thanks Nick
Views: 143 · Added: 936 days ago

tomorrow is my 2 yr anniversary here, i've seen the sight go thru many changes and go thru the bad probs too...i enjoyed it and look forward to many more!!!!!!! thank all those who help you too!

star tattoos
Views: 186 · Added: 936 days ago

I have been wondering what a star tattoo means if anything - emblem or sign or brand? If anyone knows, pls inform.

thomthumb666 is a friend of mine and i love all me friends here. but right now i just have to say im very grateful to him for makin the avatar on his page for autism awareness day and that is tomorrow 4/2/12 and it is world wide. his page is at and if you want more info about tmw the address is ~ please share and help tmw make a difference for people with autism, pdd-nos and like me, asperger's

Thanks Everyone For visiting my Blog
Views: 238 · Added: 936 days ago

I would just like to take the time to thank everyone who has visited my blog and who have shared the link its getting kinda popular now and its all thanks to you readers its really nice to know you all want to see me i have updated it again so please visit and remember to share or re-post the link and once again a million thanks everyone

Views: 263 · Added: 936 days ago

would you generally rather be overdressed or underdressed at a party?

Views: 262 · Added: 936 days ago

Hi can anyone tell me the movie this clip came from?


changing profile pic
Views: 286 · Added: 936 days ago

Does this function not work. I have tried several times to update but it never changes. By the way to whomit may concern this is a great site thank you.

Anal Sex
Views: 759 · Added: 936 days ago

I've never had anal sex with someone, but I want to know what its feel like. Many people told me that it felt like really good. I wonder if that is so?

skype anyone?
Views: 241 · Added: 936 days ago

anyone under 20 add me on skype if you want brandon.barrett19 :) im always online

Views: 134 · Added: 936 days ago

hey can any one tell me why i cant upload pic's to my page I have tried everything but nothing is working can't cut and paste drag nothing is working.

The Future
Views: 147 · Added: 937 days ago

OK, so I'm 54 years old, fat, hairy and probably hated by 99% of you twinks and teens. That's according to the number of guys who find my type a turn off. Well, unless you guys take care of your bodies and minds you will end up like me. I was a cute teen once. The sun, booze, late nights, good food, sex, drugs, smoking, life and pleasure take their toll. My advice to you is take care of your bodies, either that or a rope. Unless you too want to end up old, fat, hairy and hated by teens and twinks....hahahahahahaha.

Cum inside or outside
Views: 543 · Added: 937 days ago

When having intercourse do you climax inside your partner or pull out to cum like in the vids?

Views: 133 · Added: 937 days ago

Hi, someone wants to swap pics or c2c in msn?

may not seem like the right place but ~
Views: 163 · Added: 938 days ago

im here and queer mainly for friends and know a lot of others are too. so imma wanker ~ all guys are and admit it or they are liars lol ~ that has nothing to do with this topic. some who friended me know i am an aspie and if you dont know what that means visit my profile cos i have a link to what it does mean. it would be smoove if there are some other queer auties or aspies here like me and i welcome friendship! but mainly i am posting about asd and want to share something and ask everyone here a question ~

april is autism awareness month.

on april 2, 2012 will you light it up blue? get a blue candle. maybe kmart has blue bulbs ~i said bulbs you lot! ~ got a string of lights you can make all blue and put around your front door? at least wear a blue shirt? maybe change your avatar to a blue candle for one day? i am gonna upload a couple gifs to my pics album. it would make me so happy to see lots of blue candles or pics of you in a blue shirt :)

for more info visit here and click on the light it up blue slide which is the second one that comes up.

thanks and hugs always ~billy

Spit Roasting
Views: 420 · Added: 938 days ago

My first time was when I was 14. I was camping with some friends and aone thinglead to another. It all started whitch 4 of us in one tent and we all started sucking each other. As things progressed One bud started entering my ass (first time) and another started sucking my cock while I was on all 4"s. The next thing I knowI have a cock in my mouth. Didi I mention we all had smoked a joint - Oh well! We all came about the same time. That was about the best sex I ever had. Any body done any thing like that before. If so, tell your story.

Any 1 got any tips
Views: 589 · Added: 938 days ago

has anyone got any tips on how to get with someone cuase im feeling rather lonely and jealous of all the people on facebook and on here with boyfriends or girlfriends and just want some tips on how to just get one or at least become good friends

Coming out
Views: 307 · Added: 938 days ago

Coming out is a hard thing too do. But coming out to ones siblings can be even harder than coming out to ones parents. Whats your story of coming out to your siblings? Please share your story and help any one who might be struggling with coming out to their siblings.

my questions
Views: 215 · Added: 939 days ago

do you like my thought provoking questions? i hope so. it is a way to learn about each other. you can also find out about yourself.

We are not the only ones.
Views: 223 · Added: 939 days ago

We are not the only ones pt1

My friend Paul and I’d known each other for three years, but in the last twenty four hours we had taken our friendship to a whole new level. We had been sitting next to each other in classes at school for ages looking and wondering what it would be like, to touch, to hold and maybe to kiss. Now we had done this and so much more.
Last night Paul and I had just begun to discover our new sexual relationship, and this morning we had actually had sex. It was so much more than we had imagined it would be; and now Paul was looking at me as I lay naked on the floor breathing hard, covered in my own cum and our sweat. “We should take a shower”, he said.

Paul was more slender than I, and slightly taller. He loved swimming and his torso was toned and lithe. His long limbs were lightly muscled but still quite slim. I watched the water running down his body along his back and over his cute little ass. I watched as his longish blonde hair turn burnished gold as it lay flattened against his fair smooth skin, He turned and looked me up and down his light blue eyes flicking from my face to my chest and down to my hardening cock. He squeezed a lot of sweet smelling lube out onto his hand; it had a lovely cocoa chocolate smell. Stooping slightly he put his hand between my legs. I felt his long fingers touching my ass and caressing my balls then slowly, all along my cock right to the end.

We touched. Hands holding each other’s then fingers running down one another’s arms and over wet skin. Paul stepped around behind me running his fingers down my chest towards my navel. His smooth hot skin on my back and buttock felt so exciting. I felt his hard cock pressing against my buttocks. He slipped his cock between my legs and thrust it forwards past my balls so I saw the head appear alongside the base of my now aching cock. I had been trying not to get too excited but at the sight of that; my cock bounced, jolting upwards repeatedly, tensing and swelling. I ran my hands down Paul’s sides feeling first his ribs and then his pelvis over the tops of his buttocks as he thrust his cock between my thighs, I pulled him closer. As he got more excited and closer to cum, he held my hard cock in his hands and pulled back my foreskin with one hand gripping the base of my cock as he slid the other up my shaft and over the end of my sensitive cock head in a backhanded grip again and again. I threw my head back and felt the water on my face as he breathed lightly on my neck and kissed my ear. I could feel his chest as his breathing quickening, his heart beating against my back, and my own pounding the same rhythm. My cock was also beating to the drumbeat, as I tried not to cum yet.

Then I looked down and saw how hard I was; so very hard. Paul pulled my cock downwards slightly gripping the base of my shaft, as I reached the point of no return. I felt his cock start to buck between my thighs as he began to cum. I saw his silver ribbons of cum before me as he shot from between my thighs. He has stopped wanking my cock now; but I was going to cum no matter what, I squeezed my thighs around his cock and felt it’s heat against my balls and legs as I thrust slowly back onto his hard shaft. I felt my cum rising slowly. My whole body began to shake slightly. My heart pounded in my ears, Slowly cum filled my cock and I tried not to tense against it still trying to prolong the exquisite feeling. I tried to relax, to stay still, Paul holding my cock with one hand and supporting me with the other. I felt cum flowing from my cock, running down the shaft and over Paul’s hand. He giggled. Then when I could stand no more and I tensed against the ejaculation shooting a long rope of cum horizontally right out the shower and half way across the bathroom, Paul laughed at this and I shot another not quite as far this time. “It went so far! That’s never happened to me before” I gasped as Paul laughed behind me. I turned to face him and we kissed. We held each other for a while longer, both breathing hard.

“I think we should go to Connor and Callum’s this afternoon”, he said. “Yeah that would be pretty cool, but why?” I asked, turning to face him. “Because, I think we could have a damn good laugh with them I reckon”, He said, but there was more that he wasn’t saying; I could see that look, that cheeky look on his cute face. “Because we are not alone”, he said “we aren’t the only ones you know”. He smiled radiantly, and I knew that I loved him.

sprem and pre-cum
Views: 175 · Added: 939 days ago

just wondering how many guys drink there own sperm and lick there pre-cum

Views: 218 · Added: 939 days ago

Thanks guys for all the self-sucks you have been posting. I love em.


Views: 237 · Added: 939 days ago

Why does a lot of videos not have sound with it. I like to hear moaning at least but
a lot of videos just plain silence. To me that is boring. Anyone else feel the same?

Is it rude?
Views: 361 · Added: 939 days ago

I have a question/query. Recently I've received several new friend requests/adds. I've accepted all, as I'm primarily here to meet people, chat and maybe make a new friend. My standard way of accepting is to accept the add, then send the member a short but nice message saying "hi, thanks for the add. If you'd like to chat message me anytime etc etc"

Of the 15 or so people who have added me in the last week or so, only one has replied and all he wanted was for me to rate his profile. So is it just me who is here to actually talk to people? And does anyone else find it kinda rude?

ShaunieB x

Manchester UK - Meet, watch porn, wank sesh
Views: 982 · Added: 939 days ago

Porn / Wank sesh - meet, watch twink / scally porn, wank off together - simples, can travel

Will go on cam so you know i'm genuine and not a minger.

Deleting outbox message
Views: 340 · Added: 939 days ago

Is this function working? Ticked the outward messages I wanted to delete and selected delete at end of page but messages remain. Any advice?

Mobile Section Now Open
Views: 1465 · Added: 939 days ago

We have just opened up the mobile site for GBT so you can take us with you and keep up with updates and e-mails when your not at home from your web capable phones. Traffic should auto redirect to this option if you connect to the site with a mobile phone, but here is the direct link If anyone has any issues with the videos streaming or any other problems please let me know and what kind of device your using like (Iphone2) Thax everyone and hope you enjoy the new option.

The Lake
Views: 419 · Added: 939 days ago

It was a long weekend at the lake with my best friend, after the second day of boating baking in the sun and drinking beer. It was time to camp, I found a nice cove and dropped the anchor. I had a new speed boat that had an full enclosure. I had a blow up mattress that I put on the floor between the captain chairs, where I laid down and my buddy laid on the couch. The temp dropped and my bud asked if he could sleep with me in my sleeping bag so we could stay warmer. Of course I said yes. I was very attracted to his skinny ass but was always too scared make a move. I would borrow his dirty undies (he did not know). I faced the driver side and he laid down beside me in my sleeping bag in the spoon position. As the temp dropped we stayed warm inside the bag. Then I felt his hard dick poking me between my butt cheeks, I could not believe it, it was my Cinemax moment and it was happening to me, my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I was no longer tired I was wide awake. I reached around and felt his throbbing hard dick and it was huge (my boy was well hung). I slipped his swimming trunks down and started stroking his cock. We never said a word I just stroked. I wanted to taste his cock but was scared how far he would let me go. I said what the hell and went for it, I got out of the bag and put my mouth on his cock, (my first time with a dude) we had not showered all weekend and the sweat smell and taste was awesome. I put all of it in my mouth and sucked it up and down licking the base and tip. I felt his cock grow in my mouth, it just kept getting bigger. I rubbed his ball sack and then licked the sweat off his hairy nutt sack. By this time we were not cold anymore. I was strokin his big piece of meat, I lifted his left leg and got a sniff of his bubble butt it smelled so good and tasted even better. I tasted his ass and kept licking and licking, I started to stroke his cock again but kept rimming I could feel his ass hairs on my tongue. My bud said softly that he was going to cum, so I stopped rimming and went back to sucking his monster cock, he told me again that he was cumming but I kept sucking and their it was a mouth full of cum, it was so thick and tasted so good. I then grabbed the base and squeezed pushing every bit of cum out and in my mouth. I then climbed back in to the sleeping bag, my buddy was taller so my face came up to his shoulder I put my nose in his stinky arm pit and my dick stood strait up. I got my rocks off on my buddy's scent I jacked off and cummed on my buddy's ass crack. I then went down and licked it clean. I licked up every drop of man juice out of his ass hole. We slept so good holding each other. It smelled like sweat, ass and cum. We were slippery and sticky. I learned about pheromones that weekend (skip the shower and bring on the boy sweat). One sniff makes my cock rock hard. It was the most fun anyone could have camping, it was my favorite trip.

Views: 157 · Added: 939 days ago

Does anyone here have msn or yahoo messenger to chat sometime? If you do happen to have either, send me a message.

Follow me!!
Views: 166 · Added: 939 days ago

If you have a Twitter account follow me at!/Kyle9595! :D

How to delete vid
Views: 260 · Added: 940 days ago

I have been requested to delete a video but I don't see how to do that. Also, I can't seem to delete anything in the outbox. Help!

what turns you on?
Views: 1255 · Added: 940 days ago

what turns you on?

Views: 157 · Added: 940 days ago

I decided I was going to upload some videos I found online, but from what I read on the disclaimer on this site, it clearly states, you are certifying that the videos belong to you. I don't personally make porn and I don't know anyone that does. From what I see, most of these videos come from some website and I hardly believe all these users claim ownership for these videos/pictures. It seems everyone just uploads what they find, regardless who it belongs to. So that being said, I won't be uploading any videos/pics. I don't want to be violating any copyright laws.

****Pulling out ? For the Bi and Str8 boys....
Views: 443 · Added: 940 days ago

Yea....I and bi site. But u str8 curious boys are out there too !!

Have you ever had sex with a girl WITHOUT using birth control?
Did you agree you would pull out?
Were you able to?
Any pregnancies because of it?


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