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Do you enjoy spooning.
Views: 424 · Added: 899 days ago

just wondering if you guys like spooning. I love being spooned it turns me on big time. Does anybody else out their in gbt land enjoy doing it too.

anyone in or near saint louis missouri
Views: 171 · Added: 900 days ago

just wanna kick it like soccer :P

finding a great video
Views: 293 · Added: 900 days ago

Have been looking everywhere for a vidieo.This vid. is 6 British guy`s it is his 18th. and get`s blindfolded and has sex with all of them.Same guy in Cabin Boy

hot, hot
Views: 440 · Added: 900 days ago

Durning the summers, I would often spend time at my grandparents summer
cottage on a lake. One of the neighbors had two grandsons, they were teenages . I spent a lot of time with when I was there. The first time I did
anything sexually was with the older of the boys (Mark)when we were swimming. I reached inside his footy shorts and felt his penis. I think he liked it cause he smiled and did the same to me. This only lasted about 15 seconds as our parents were nearby.

The next incident was when we had a sleep over in a small building next to the main house which had a set of bunk beds. I offered to let them sleep on the bunk beds and I would sleep on a cot. After about a half hour on the cot, I asked Mark if I could share the bed with him as the cot was uncomfortable. He said sure, so I climbed in with him.

We slept in the same sleeping bag and it started to get hot, so I suggested we take our clothes off as we'd feel much cooler. He was ok with that. I took my underwear off and then asked if he wanted me to take his off and he said ok. Lying down again, trying to sleep, I got the urge to touch him, so I reached over and felt his stomach.
He didn't say anything. So I slowly worked my hand down towards his
penis. He had a small pubic bush. When I finally felt his penis, it was soft and warm, but not hard. He still didn't say anything, although I knew he wasn't asleep. I rubbed the head of his penis and it
started to get hard. He grabbed my hand and started using it to stroke his penis.
When he knew I had a rhythm going he let go and reached for my penis. I was already hard before I touched his penis and he started to stroke my as well. We did this for about 5 minutes and then I told him to roll over on his stomach. I then laid on his back and rubbed my hard penis between his cute bubble butt cheeks. This felt really good and after about 5 more minutes of doing this, I couldn’t contain the sensation of the orgasm building up in my penis, I spurted long creamy shots of my milk on his back. After I squeezed every drop out I needed 2 clean his back. Mark told me 2 wipe the cum up with his underwear and then he put them back on, cause he wanted 2 feel the wetness of my cummmm on his body. That was so fuckin hot.

Manchester (UK) Meet
Views: 216 · Added: 900 days ago

Any fit lads fancy getting together to watch some horny twink pics n vids?

Im slim, smooth and fit, aged 31, will go on cam so you know im genuine. Can travel only. Message me lads.

Swindon again lol :)
Views: 173 · Added: 900 days ago

any younger members in the swindon or near lying areas that want any form of relationship, friendship or no strings ;) if so drop me a message. must be below 20 !!!!!!

spend the night
Views: 279 · Added: 900 days ago

hey guys im lonley here. anyone wana spend the night with me we dont have to go sexuall but im horny all night so if u want we can go as far as u want. preferd age 18-26

Views: 212 · Added: 901 days ago

hey send me a message if u wana have fun tonight

Views: 178 · Added: 901 days ago

Hi im 18 i live in texas does anyone wanna have phone sex or trade pics it would be awsome

Views: 178 · Added: 901 days ago

Im searching for a chat partner and maby more
Im 18 years old and live in germany



How long does it stay hard after you cum?
Views: 270 · Added: 902 days ago

Hey guys; my dick is super-rock-hard before I cum; but after I cum I notice that the stiffness dissipates little-by-little; and eventually it becomes soft if I don't keep-on jerking it. It takes about half an hour to get fully soft again, after I cum. I was wondering how long does it stay hard after you cum? Is my situation normal?

Tell a friend
Views: 268 · Added: 902 days ago

Ok I have this friend from school and I like him alot but I know he is st8 but I was thining I should tell him how I feel should I?
Ps. We dont talk much since we graduated but he is one of my friends on facebook.

how do u
Views: 241 · Added: 902 days ago

how do u just go up to a random gay person and start chatting them up without shitting urself? also i got outta hospital this morning xD

NEW Pics.
Views: 209 · Added: 902 days ago

Hey guys just recently I posted some new pics of me on here. Check them out, and let me know what you think. Hope to hear from some of you guys. LATER

Gay and Videogames
Views: 185 · Added: 902 days ago

Being gay still has a negative stigma in some places, but the world has come a long way from where it was not all that long ago. Videogames seem to be lagging behind a bit, since developers are wary of possibly alienating a portion of their fan base by making games that feature homosexuality. With that said, does anyone else have Skyrim? While the marriage system is pretty basic, and there's no "love-story" behind the choices you can make, the game does allow you to marry quite of few NPC's of either gender, regardless of your own. There are some games that do feature same sex relationships, but this is the first majorly (or rather, HUGELY) mainstream game I'm aware of (mind you I game casually, so I could very well be wrong) that allows such choices and doesn't make any extra bones about it. There's no extra pomp and circumstance for two men or two women marrying than if it's a straight couple, which I think is the best way to do it. The goal in real life after all is to be accepted as equal, and I think even with as simple as the system in the game is, it looks good on Bethesda for taking such a simple step. Any thoughts?

size of manhood
Views: 465 · Added: 902 days ago

i have a friend on GBT he is realy WORRIED about the size of his penis 4.5 inches..can anybody tell me if it's possible and how it can be enlarged safely and without pain

facebook :
Views: 165 · Added: 902 days ago

hi nick, is it possible to connect GBT with facebook ? whats your meaning guys ?????????????????????

Views: 175 · Added: 902 days ago

I wish I could watch videos on this site on my iPhone 4
Who thinks the same?

My Old Photos Deleted?
Views: 287 · Added: 902 days ago

I had 3 albums of myself up and now they're all gone. Was just wondering why. It sucks because I don't my old pictures saved on my computer.

On the bright side, I took some more photos of myself today, just uploaded them and it says they should be approved within 12 hours.

Feel free to rate and friend request!

Gay or bi with str8 friends?
Views: 270 · Added: 902 days ago

Particullary for younger guys:
Do u have many str8 friends? ((Male or female))
Do they know you are gay or bi?
Do u ever have conversations about who ure dating, or sexual experiences or what uve done with other boys?
Or what ure particular gay sex likes and dislikes are?
How graphic has it gotten?
Have you ever watched gay porn with a str8 friend?
Has a str8 friend ever come on to you, or asked to do something with you...."just to see what it's like?"

Who do i vote for and why?
Views: 691 · Added: 902 days ago

Hello Gay Boys :) Ruslan again. I am going to be a first time voter . In this years Presidential Election. I am very excited to be able to do this ! :) On to my question now. Who do you think i should vote for and why? I only want answers that are thought out. Please no hate speech of any kind. So as of now i am undecided of who to cast my vote for. I am young and gay ya. This is not going to be my only factor in who i vote for. This will be on my mind just not my only criteria. Thank you all Peace out Ruslan

Thinking about girl
Views: 161 · Added: 903 days ago

I found something little interesting about myself. Last week, I discussed with my good friend about vagina. My good friend is a girl. After that, I started to think about girls. Hmm. I guess I still have more time to discover my sexual orienation.

Josh pictures
Views: 2662 · Added: 903 days ago

Who need the full set of the Josh-picture set?

All my albums
Views: 263 · Added: 903 days ago

What is happening all my albums have disappeared? where are they?

lost messages and stuff
Views: 242 · Added: 903 days ago

over the site maintenance the other day i lost a few messages and friend requests and things, is there any way to get these back as some i hadn't responded to at all, and i feel bad... ><

My first time
Views: 291 · Added: 903 days ago

My first time was when I was 13. I used to like to go to the mall bathroom and read the writing on the wall. One day I got enough courage to give a call to a guy who had his number on the wall. I called him up and told him I wanted to learn how to suck cock. He met me and we both blew each other in his car. He drank my cum but I did not drink his. I still think about that first time. Anyone else have a similar first time experience?

im in hospital
Views: 386 · Added: 903 days ago

im in hospital...does anyone wanna cheer me up? please :(

a surprise
Views: 754 · Added: 903 days ago

so me and my brother are getting it on tonight. he is running the whole show. he is allowed to have his way with me. what do you think he is going to do to me? be back later tonight to tell you guys what happens

Views: 254 · Added: 903 days ago

I like to trade pictures and sometimes videos add me for more

self restraint
Views: 398 · Added: 903 days ago

how long have you went without jacking off. ive gone three days before i had to play with my sword lol ;)

Blow job
Views: 194 · Added: 903 days ago

If I have a blow job with a cute guy, I would require that guy to have a nice hat on. Is it called a fetish? If yes, that's what I've read some of your blogs. Sorry for not answering your question because I had been tried to find an answer. I think I just found it. Let me know if that's correct. :)

Is it worth it
Views: 500 · Added: 904 days ago

Um is it worth killing yourself because you are gay and it makes you unhappy?

Viewing site
Views: 263 · Added: 904 days ago

I can view the site on my phone but not through my internet browser ( Firefox) anyone else having this problem or is it a regional problem or is it just me?

watching videos
Views: 346 · Added: 904 days ago

I still can't view any of the new videos that has been uploaded. Anyone else having the same problems?

Em what really pisses me off
Views: 630 · Added: 904 days ago

what really pisses me off iz...I am completely straight acting nothing about me would make people think i am gay...and i am not out of the closet yet. But when i walk past a clearly gay looking person and i look at them and smile they look away (clearly because they dont think i am gay or i am going to laugh at them). But it really hurts, Like today i walked past two really cute guys maybe 16 17 same age as me holding hands and i tought to myself 'Damn i will never have anything like that'. This makes me feel really shitty. I really wish i could scream 'I AM GAY' into these peoples faces. Any suggestions?


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