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The Last Nazi Trial
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Next month Germany will hold what may be its last Nazi trial. A 93 year old man who acted as a bookkeeper in Auschwitz will face prosecution after 70 years after the closure of the death camp. He considers himself a small cog in a machine and that he had nothing to do with the exterminations and held only a minor administrative role. German law demands prosecution on the basis that he was present and his role is irrelevant. Some believe after 70 years it is time for healing and forgiveness, and that he is 93. That would make him 23 at the end of the war. Should he be prosecuted or left alone?

Gay Boys 25/01/15
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who you pulling for, the SEAHAWKS or the DEFLATETRIOTS? lol

Blog Glitch
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Can anyone tell me how to avoid the stupid blog thingy deleting half the post?

National Hung Day.
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Hug all your friends and others that you think or know are hung and cop a feel.

to my friends
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who I love very much on here, a few problems just now not on as much as I would like, just trying to get myself sorted out, love scott

Pour les Francophones
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mes amis, essai de blog pour voir si c'est aussi bien que les messages, je vous salues tous et à bientôt

mule headed to
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Awesome Advice Applied
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Guten Abend everyone,
after reading someones post I realized that you might like a little feed back on how things are going. So far I have not told anyone, but I am trying to figure out who I trust enough to tell. I am also working on toning down the shields I have created, because appearently the mask I created for the world to see is a little scary. I have started to talk to a few people, nothing serious just this and that. There are so many cute guys at my college. Thanks again, I hope everyone is doing well. XOXO

Back to School!
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Hopefully my whole thing posts, I know the blog thing has been a little glitchy lately...

I've gotten a few notes about keeping people updated with my life, so I'll catch you up. School has started this week, I left home on Friday and made it back to the dorm by Saturday morning. I took my time so I could see the sights on the way, take some pictures, people watch, etc. Just before classes ended at Christmas, my roommate and I took our relationship to a new point - we shared our feelings, we said 'I love you' and made love for the first time. He's the first guy I have been with, so I'm still really new to dating a guy. As confusing as girls were to me in the past, being with a boy has been a lot of unknown territory. Jeremy told me he would be driving in with his parents late Saturday, so I'd get a chance to get our dorm set up before he got there. We didn't talk about it, but I was planning on being there to talk to his parents a little. They don't know about us yet, but I thought I should get to know them, Jeremy says good things about them, so I figured it couldn't hurt. Our friend Lisa came over and she helped me unpack

Kaya986 Anniversary
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Wish I could make the fancy Blog but anyway. SAM is celebrating his 1100 Day Anniversary. HUGS BABY

Thanks Everyone For The Advice
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Bouna Sera everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone who has offered me advice in regards to my earlier posts. I would also like to apologize for any confusion posting it in two seperate pieces caused, but whenever it tried to post it half of what I had written would disappear. So thanks for again for answering.

slow pages
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My pages are taking a long time to load up. Is anyone else having this problem?

giving talk tonight to youth at church
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Hi guys, tonight I have been asked to talk to our youth (14 - 18 year olds) on what the bible says about being gay! For those of you who know me and have talked to me, you know my view on this. Would appreciate your thoughts and prayers (if inclined) as I discuss this issue. Also, how to tackle any backlash from their parents! Thanks guys.

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what's your fav brand? do you like different styles?

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Just got this in my MAIL BOX
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From: buddy197669 Subject hey Recieved 01/24/2015 09:39 AM Message

I like to trade twinky boi pics on yahoo messenger screen name buddey197669 or email me at

ARE U KIDDING ME.Why would someone who can put photos easily on their wall want to trade through email..........Can u say CHRIS

Great reaction
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Would be nice if any Dad would react this way.

First time with a boy
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What was ur first experience with a boy when u were a kid? My was with me cousin.

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For those guys in the UK there is a good TV program on Channel 4 called Cucumber. About middle-aged gay guy in Manchester and written by same guy who wrote Queer as Folk. Well acted, amusing and plenty of eye candy.

Well hello...
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so does anyone know when a video gets aproved? i uploaded a video of me doing a cum shot and well... nothing lol im new here so im not sure how this works or if it worked at all..

By a change in the world
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Obama tried to change something but failed ...
Latin America has already tired of so much misery, managed to change ...
And Europe're at it, first Syriza Greece and certainly after Paul Inglesias Spain, Europe trembles ...
Hopefully Africa and Asia are the following.

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i was molested by a friend of family when i was 12 i find it hard to say anything i did not no what to do i have never told anyone what happen has any one had same experience

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I know a few of us on here like the younger teen but I feel we must be careful not to bring to much attention to it as the board may start to get unwanted attention from the "Naysayers". I know everything posted here is legal (just) but recently we seem to be pushing the bounderies a little to far. I think we are alll able to read between the lines of profiles but when profiles are open about likes (as in preteen boys) I feel we are treading a very slippery slope. Lets keep our board safe from scrutiny and discuss certain fetishes in private. GBT Forever!!

Paradise by Pavel Balod
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Searching French friends and others commuty friends
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I Am looking for friends in French community (and others too of course).
Is there a tool for finding every user in a community or do I have to find theme one by one ?

Thansks for your help

Not all men have dicks.
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I've always been somewhat bothered by how the queer community equates loving men with loving penis, despite the fact that there are plenty of gay trans men who do not have penises. I guess I'm more aware of this because I'm a trans person (non-binary) myself, but there is so much cissexism in this community, and if we truly want to encourage the movement as a whole to accept everyone, we need to call ourselves out on this kind of thing more. We particularly need to quit equating one's genitalia with one's gender, because they are absolutely not the same thing. Just a little reminder for everyone here.

R.I.P. Frank Wolf.
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Cosplayer Frank Wolf committed suicide at the young age of 20 due to copious amounts of online bullying last year. Well known for his pretty androgynous looks, gaining plenty of fans also gained him unnecessary hate and bullying which lead to his recent suicide. R.I.P. to a beautiful soul.

Funny haha...
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Read this joke the other day... made me laugh:

-- A boy runs into his dad's office. "Dad, I had sex for the first time today!"
"That's great, son" the dad says. "Sit down and we'll talk about it."
The boy looks at his dad and says "But Dad, I can't sit down." --

I had a chuckle. Thought I would share it. :-)


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